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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle siniXster
Post Content
Be a Master of Life

Be a Master of life, this is one who has his body and emotions firmly in rein. Though hard pressed by tribulations and afflictions he remains steadfast, his mind is never confused. he knows what has to be done, what is expected of him, and does it. He strikes swiftly when action is needed, or just keeps plodding along the path. His mind is clear regarding his duty and he knows his obligations, and does not shirk them. He is always a pillar of strength to his weaker brethen.

Who are the Masters of Life? When you can ride the stormy seas of sorrow, when you are not overcome by pleasure, when you can control the passions, master fear, discard anger, and whatever comes maintain a quite and steady manner, you will become a Master of Life.

When you can accept all your obligations cheerfully, do your duty at all times, accept whatever comes, be it good or ill, with steadfast heart, remain calm in the midst of confusion and upheaval, you will become a Master of Life.

When you can temper all your desires with prudence, resist temptations to weakness and bring all urges under control; when you can bring all senses into harmony, control all emotion, overcome the greed for possessions, smother unwholesome desires, you will be a Master of Life.

When you can subdue anger, dispel dismay, never forget where your duty lies and be completely free from confusion of mind, you will be a Master of Life.

 Quoting: Ra 24027287

What does one do when he has led this life, been the master, healer, teacher, leader, bringing hope, light and love to all he crosses paths with and then without warning has it all stripped away as if it never existed. I do not understand what is happening to me...

I am but a mere shadow of my former self, any thoughts or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.
 Quoting: siniXster

Hi siniXster

Its the experiance of contrast, what is given can be taken away, to know love, one must first know lovelessness, etc.

The experiance of contrast allows the whole to be seen.

My advice would be to take the positive out of the experiance, there is always a purpose, that can be utilized for personal development, thou the rewards wont be as publicly visible as mentioned above, in inner rewards would out shine it a million times.

 Quoting: Ra 24027287

Thank you for your insight Ra, you were absolutely correct my friend, in my quest for answers I forgot the golden rule, 'Everything that happens on our path is perfectly designed to guide us to a specific positive outcome'. In remembering this golden rule my answer came swiftly, so simple, so perfect...the stripping of my connections, my gifts and my drive to gather and teach was not a punishment or the result of some mental block but a gift in and of itself, a gift given to force me to remember what is most important, it is time to JUST BE, Be Love, Feel Love, Share Love, see the beauty and magic in the world around us and allow the universe to play out it's story. The time for prepping and gathering is done, the change is at our doorstep, the universe will guide us to our next task when that time is at hand, we've done all we can, we've woven the fabric of cosmic consciousness and achieved the goals set before us as best we can, now is a time for peace of the soul and love of all, share and be together, JUST BE LOVE.

Thank you again and Much Love To All
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