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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Ra
Post Content
You, my disciples, must become Masters of Life, never regretting the past nor worrying about the future, but always applying yourselves to whatever is in hand at present. The Masters of Life know what are good thoughts and what are bad thoughts, the first being beneficial, the second not. They know what to tell and what not to tell, they know what to do and what not to do, they know what serves and what does not, what is good and what is bad.

If a house is seen to be on fire, this immediately suggest the getting of water or saving whatever may be within. The commonplace man does not know how to act, he acts foolishly or in haste. The Master of Life does not get excited, he keeps his head. He does not stand aside wringing his hands, he does not rush about or get in the way, impeding others, he does not raise his voice, he does not offer futile sympathy. He remains calm and quietly and efficiently does what needs doing, he takes charge or places himself at the disposal of those who are better fitted to assume control.

The Master of Life is not bound by fetters the ignorant wear, neither is he misguided into ways of darkness by the blind. Every thought and act is considered, for he knows the power of oft-repeated thoughts, desires and actions to cut deep grooves into the soulspirit. He is no longer a prisoner of the flesh, but the charioteer of his body.

I call upon each of you to take up your burden and travel the long road leading to mastership of life. The progress of all Pilgrims who have taken this road is indicated by their conduct. The instability has been left behind, the excesses are gone, the demanding desires are dropped, the spitefulness, greed and conceit have been discarded, wickedness and malice are thrown aside. One by one they have been sloughed off as a snake sheds its skin.

As Masters of Life you will call upon others to follow you in the pilgrimage. They will have to be resolute and strong, willing to devote their whole lives to serving the cause of Truth. They will have to study diligently the pages of the scriptures and search ever deeper into the inmost recessess of their being. Their first step will be in overcoming the greatest of all man's delusions: that of thinking the body comprises the whole being.

As Masters of Life you will set an example far beyond reach of the commonplace man. you will be known from others by a profound serenity and resolute steadfastness, just as the commonplace man is distinguished by ignorance, by restlessness, the urge to hide himself in pleasure and by enslavement to prejudice and emotion.

Poise and confidence, the marks of real wisdom and knowledge, distinguish the Masters of Life. Unsteadiness, shiftiness, unreliability, ever changing opinions and fluctuating loyalties distinguish the commonplace man. Undue consideration for the outer body and the satisfaction of its desires marks the commonplace man, and his concern for material things is the prime cause of this delusion, life a bird freed from its cage, and in the liberated mind every doubt is stilled by certainty.


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