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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Waken your dormant DNA

Close your eyes and empty your mind of cluttered thoughts.

Breath in and out consciously aware of each breath.

Be conscience of your chest and stomach moment, allowing the air to move in and out in an even flow, In and out.

Now, allow your body to relax, by giving your body permission to relax and now give your body instructions to relax.

Give your mind permission to relax and then give your mind instructions to relax.

Give your heart permission to be activated and give your heart instructions to act for your mind and your body.

Focus your feelings towards your heart and connect to your heart your feelings, give instructions to your heart to begin the cleansing process of your feelings, and emotions and your auric field.

Give instruction to the heart to start the process of blood cleansing removing any toxic particles from your system.

Give instructions to the heart energize your body, mind, and spirit healing any intrusions as it goes through the body and spirit.

Give your heart instruction to your heart to connect your mind and body to your DNA information.

See your DNA as it is presently, and then direct your heart to connect to the dormant strands of DNA.

See how the DNA structure appears with the DNA dormant strands connected concisely.

Instruct your heart to accept the dormant strands by energizing the extra strands to work in balance of the other strands.

Except the strands as being a part of your collective structure, of your being, by bringing to your mind, body, spirit love and light.

Allow yourself to experience the connection by giving your DNA instructions to keep the balance of the mind, body and spirit as your connective body is experiencing change through the dormant DNA becoming active.

Know that what you have instructed the heart to do is done; as it is when you feel ready thank your heart for following your instructions. Respect in knowing that you will take responsibility of your actions.

Ask your heart to reactivate your mind and body so they function to their purpose. See your body working as one collective unit all working in harmony, accept the changes, in your body. When your are ready open your eyes.

Morning Sky Path ~ Messages From The Pleiadians (I,F,U,W,A)


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