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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Ra
Post Content
to those that follow Greg Giles and the other black ops trash, you ponder this, you have been given the truth of the black ops games that were never from Ashtar command etc.

[link to www.ascensionearth2012.org] This is proof of the whole cia BS you have swallowed over the years, even down to Casper and the rest.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24358110

Thats interesting, ive a friend whos been reciving communication from Ashtar command, shes even written a book with all the messages, which she has yet to publish.

I might try get a hold of a copy, and post some.........

Im sure shes not CIA.........
 Quoting: Ra 24770255

Was pleasently surprised last week when i went in to work, and my friend had left me a personal copy of her book for me, the Activate your DNA post was from that.

Its kinda weird, i have always been sceptacal of this sort of stuff, but to discover my friend was channeling this(couple mouths ago), made me think, you never know who is around you, or what they are capable of or the depth of there talent, i have known her for about 5-6 years, and i had no idea.

Makes me wonder who else is around me.....

Would be interested in some feed back on this, i quite like the message and think its relevant :)


Morning Sky Path Presents

Messages From The Pleiadians (I,F,U,W,A)

Message Channelled by R.Page Feb 1996

From: Commander Xazarius ASHSTAR

Intergalactic Federation

United Worlds Association

Project EARTH


Greeting to you all my family of light. Greetings to you. It is a privilege to be here once again to share with you knowledge and information.

You are aware even though you may not be consciously aware. You do know in the deepest portion of your being that you move from one existence to another gathering experiences that your soul can understand and process to give you a view of many realities.

You can do this during your sleep state or when you day dream. Unfortunately some of you are not consciously aware of it. As you evolve you will be able to scan your many lives and existences of your soul. Just as you would scan knowledge from a crystal. Looking at the different angles and sides. The shape and colour. Feeling the vibrations, the energy pattern the crystal holds.

This is an important time for humanity. A time of evolutionary evolvement into higher consciousness. Evolutionary evolvement into your higher aspect of being. You do not have to worry about this higher being because you are already this higher being. It is just you are not aware of being so. We are here to help you remember it.

At this time the veils of darkness are lifting with each harmonic convergence. Earth is becoming less dense.

You will be able to focus more clearly on the wonderful exciting vibrations of energy that have been blasted to you from ancient star systems through out the universe. As humanity adjusts to the change of energy flux the energy is gradually stepped up so you have a greater understanding.

There are many of you in the population of earth that are aware of this occurence. You are allowing the light energy to change your existence in order to give you a richer life and a greater understanding of many different realities and existences here on earth and in the universe. Also an understanding of the many different dimensions on earth and within the cosmos.

Many of humanity are adjusting to these higher vibrations. Each and everyone upon earth is adjusting to this energy. Some are conscious of it and some are not. Each individual will adjust in a way that best suits their needs and wants. So you will all experience the shift in different ways. There are those that will adjust faster and easier than others. There will be those that shift into a higher consciousness of knowing faster others will not. It depends on their suitability to the energy. Each will experience this shift in different ways. This shift of energy effects both your physical and mental bodies.

This is happening because you are adjusting to a different frequency. As electrical energy is adjusted to suit your needs within your home.

Remember that your spirit or soul is made up of energy and at this moment you need to eat and rest to keep up that energy. Your physical bodies store this energy and that physical body needs to be maintained in order to keep it. For the energy is also used to repair it. That is why it is important to feed it food. Even to do that you need to adjust. An example of that is when someone has a change of eating habits. Such as diet. You need to adjust slowly or you would have complications. So at this time you are adjusting to the energy changes.

Humanity are evolving in such an extremely accelerated rate you will accomplish a lot. It is a time for self acknowledgement and of understanding who you are.

As we watch the changes on your planet we gain knowledge of your planet and humanity as a whole. As we communicate or associate with some of you, such as this channel, we come to view you individually. We are aware that you are all different in many ways as we are all different.

There are many changes. Change is occuring constantly all the time. We have seen your future because we are from your future. But even the future can be changed. We are here to assist humanity in that change because what we have seen in that future is not good for you the human race, your planet and your universe in which your planet is situated.

With this knowledge we wish to change earths course into the future. So there are many changes in progress to make this happen. As a result there will be many earth changes. Earth is what we would say in transition period. These changes are happening as we speak right now.

You would note the changes in weather patterns being shown in the Antarctic at the southern end of your planet. The growing need for human power that creates wars which causes humanity to strive for advancement of controlment tools such as nuclear power.

As we have said before we are from your future. We have seen your possible future and it is not of any benefit to yourselves and your planet. Nor to the universe or us and others like us. We are effected as well. The misuse of nuclear power has effected out existences in many ways. The knowledge of that goes far beyond your understanding at this time.

So we have come back into your fourth dimensional state to help reconstruct your future to benefit your race and planet in the future that is to come. In which we will benefit also.

Earth comes under the code of free-will. This was a decision that the prime creator gave to earth and humanity. Free-will in order to co-create and to experience through your creations to benefit yourself and others who choose to share with you in your creations. But now this has been changed again. It has been the choice of the prime creator to bring stability into your present existence.

As we have mentioned before humanity is learning a great lesson at this time and that is your connection to your godhood, the prime creator. We are aware of many gods but there is the prime source of energy known as the prime creator. The natural source from which we are all connected to from at one time. We know we are on our journey back to our main source of energy.

We are all energy. Light if you like that conducts and transduces information which we gather through our creations and experiences within many different realities. Such as the one humanity is experiencing on earth. Gaining knowledge through the many incarnations of lives in which your spirit has experienced. When your spirit has gained enough knowledge and in turn enlightenment you become closer in the journey back to your main source, the prime creator. The seperation from your main source was of your own action. So that you satisfied your desire to create as an individual unit. There were many that chose to do this. Unfortunately as you journeyed throughout the universe your experiences took you further and further away from your main source, the prime creator. So in a sense humanity lost its connection with that vast source and because you were all at one time connected to that same source which worked as a collective of energy you are only now coming to realize that the same collectiveness is once again needed. This because humanity is connected to everything and in order to progress fast on the journey towards your godhead collectiveness is required. To work as a single unit at this time will only take you so far.

How many humans are realizing now that so much growth comes when working as a collective. Sharing with one another guidance and understanding, love.

Have you ever thought why you place yourselves in groups where you are all of the same way of thinking. Think of the progress that a collective group or circle has on your development. You all need each other at this important time of your existence to grow within your fourth dimensional time spaces. So to each and everyone I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share with your all. Love and light.

Commander Xazarius ASHSTAR

Intergalactic Federation

United Worlds Association

Project Earth
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