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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle thecelticcats
Post Content
Mig - Hi brother, lovely to hear from you! I miss you too but we're all still here hf

Dances - I'm gobsmacked too about Heart - she's exactly where she needs to be! Yes, Dec. 12 is just the start, I feel that too. Stu Wilde is saying the ghouls are disappearing already and Ashworth says the universe is speeding up at an incredible rate....

Celtic - Id get a test first, get off the drugs if u can, and spin yr chakras every single day. 2nd chakra is orange. You don't really need tarots or any of us, keep asking your higher self for guidance/dreams/intuitions...you will know by your feelings what is what.

Take care!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26987277

Hi, ya'know I've been through the Reiki attunements went as far to get my certificate as Reiki Master/Teacher, but what do you mean by spinning my chakras? No teacher ever talked about that. I guess cleaning them and working on them by laying my hands, on them would just work as well. I have issues with self-esteem and it's weird because when I have worked on myself, automatically I get a 'healing crisis' and feel like I want to burst out in tears. It's like my inner child won't let me or is full of anger and is blocking it or like I said in Reiki, there are often a healing crisis, that come to the surface, it you got a lot of issues. Not literally, but it hurts to Reiki myself because it's like a painful cyst, with thorns that's breaking it's way out. I wish there were some Reiki circles around here because I knew of a place, over half hour away that did those and people would Reiki each other because healing works best when another person is doing it, in my experience and from what I hear/read. BTW, I don't have a car.
I got tested Positive for being Pregnant and am really scared. I maybe 36 but have been diagnosed with Aspergers/Autism and people like that are said to be 'child-like' so imagine what it's like for a grown up with a maturity problem being told they are pregnant. I'm thinking of aborting it because the dad wants nothing to do with it. I dumped him and weeks later found out the news.
I found out 2 days ago, on Monday. I don't understand I feel like I would be like a child raising a child and without a partner, even worse, but being almost 37years old, and got my period at a young age, I'll probably head into menapause soon, and this might be my LAST CHANCE.
I'm scared of disobeying what my Higher Self wants for me. I 'know' it wants this. BELIEVE ME I've known for a long time now, but I feel like I'm incompetent and won't be a good mom. I wish an Angel would appear to me and just convince me everything is going to be OK. I'm still leaning toward aborting it because I don't want the child to grow up to hate me. I had a tough childhood with Aspergers/Autism and bad acne problems and being made fun of school because I put too much makeup on to cover my pizza face so I made more of a fool out of myself, I realized, I dissasociated(blanked out at times I believe because I can't really remember much of my teen years. In the end told my mom I wish I was never born and I said I hated her for having me. I don't want to put someone through that, really. My mom and dad I was told had acne and it left emotional/mental scars and brought on Body Dysphormic Disorder(forget spelling), lots of counseling and meds all throughout my twenties for that, was still breaking out. Now you know how concerned I am about bringing another one like me and suffer the same things. Well, I feel like I'm writing a book, but they say don't judge until you've been in their shoes. I hope I am NOT going to regret the abortion BUT why would I put someone in this world that I would feel GUILTY about if I knew they might have the same problems I had? I hope GOD UNDERSTANDS. I do FEAR going against Gods plans for me. I don't know what to do. Thankfully, I have a counselor, but haven't talked to about this yet. Just found out 2 days ago, like I said.
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