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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Ra
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Raaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. Dances!!.. All you fellow light folk.


 Quoting: A 26029699

hi ya A


To each and all love and light. My name is Zytoniess. At this moment of time I would like to share with you knowledge of ascension. Upliftment of energy if you like. You are aware of many energy influxes that are occuring on planet earth at this time. These influxes are creating changes within yourselves. Both physically and mentally. Your bodies are changing to accomodate these influxes. Some of you are aware of this and some of you are not.

One of the most commonly effected areas of ascension outwardly show's within one's personality. These energy influxes can have effects on humanity in different ways. Such as sudden mood swings, restlessness, being wide awake at night unable to sleep and negative energy increase. This can be connected to energy increase. This can be connected to energy influxes. It can even be a reverse effect like tiredness and lack of energy through exhausted energy.

It is important to remember to slow down, relax and take time out so that your body has a chance to adapt to that energy. Settle your mind from too much activity. Take time out to be quiet. This energy will then settle and you can go on with your life with much more ease. Because your body is taking in more energy than before it will react faster and if you are not careful you will take on too much and you physically become worn out. So at this time humanity need to know how to balance energy so that you are able to cope at a rate that is comfortable for yourself.

There are many ways in which you can relax. Meditation is a good form of relaxation. You yourselves are aware of your best forms of relaxation. Use them.

If you are effected by this channelled message this gives you confirmation that you are in need of balance you would automatically know what you need to do to bring yourself back into form. It is a knowing which is programmed within your spirit. Listen to your heart within. Not your mind but your heart. That is where you will find your answers. Go with it and do what is necessary in order for you to have a richer life. If you want to know more read this book carefully. All the information you need to know at this time is within these pages.

Love and light to you all.

Zytoniess Intergalactic Federation

United Worlds Association

Messages From The Pleiadians (I,F,U,W,A)

Message channelled by R Page 1996
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