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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Ra
Post Content

Commander Astar Intergalactic Federation of light ascended 5th Dimension

Greetings we send you love and light from Alcyones central sun of the ascended Pleiades, Nebulae Galaxy. We transmit love and light from the Central Suns ascended Andromeda. Greetings to you brother and sisters on planet Earth.

I send my love and light and support to my Daughter on planet Earth who is on assignment. Also greetings from your family of Andromeda all ascended planets of Andromeda central star systems Andromeda Galaxy especially the Merope who send their vibration to you.

You have the understanding of the divine plan. Most of you already know your part in the divine plan. You are, understanding that everything happens according to the cosmic vibration of the divine plan, and you know that Earth is undergoing big changes. We are aware of the positive healing vibrations that you are sending out to the planet which has achieved results. Changes will take place where needed the most, everything is part of the divine plan. We are interacting with Pleiades and Andromeda our light ships are scattered in your sky now as we are anchoring the second stage of the Transformational light. Earth power heads are using an anti-plan in order to stop the wave of vibration from hitting your planet. However we are glad to say that our own plan to counter act that plan has been successful, there was a delay in the human power heads plan and we were able to take that opportunity to enter earth through the portal. The Prince of Merope the infoldment of the light beings from Andromeda they were able to anchor in your system a sphere which will help you in your orientation and uncover the vibration of the anti-plans. The energy of your planet changes and we know that you will act according to your plan. We know that your plan is acted in love and light, forgiveness as well as mercy.

This energy will have delays according to your time line and awakening. Everything happens according to your plan! And according to the divine plan! This energy comes from the central suns system of Andromeda directly from the centre of the Intergalactic universe. Light beings of Andromeda goes through the Intergalactic Portals of Alcyones, gets empowered by the focused cosmic energy of Archangel Michael and anchors in the etheric fields of your planet. That is were it stays; it is programmed to wait approval of the awaked souls according to the free will of all entities to anchor in earth! This is your time to make a choice for this energy of Andromeda. It is up to you, we are not going to make that choice for humanity. We have always maintained that we will assist you. That is all we can do. We are working as a collective towards anchoring the systems that are important to your future. Focus on your own sun, know and acknowledge it! The energy that will be channelled to your planet now has exactly that purpose. The Pleiades and Andromeda's send this new light plan to our brothers and sisters of planet Earth. My Daughter, Commander Xazarius Astar, Intergalactic Federation of United worlds Association of the Golden Ray, who is engaged with her Federation and is also on assignment on earth. The Central Suns ascended of Pleiades and Andromeda send vibration.

Message From The Pleiadians (I,F,U,W,A)
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