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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Nrg unleaded
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2012 by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona)

BULLETIN ITEM: Fabulous! - Atlantean Temple Identified By Greg Little

Search For Atlantis Project: 2012

Has Cayce’s “Temple of the Poseidians” Finally Been Found?

by: Dr. Greg Little

MWM: Little writes with great modesty. Frankly, if his facts are true, I think he has succeeded at long last in locating a genuine Atlantean ruin. Whether it is the Temple of Atlan, remains to be seen. Whatever, I think we have another positive "hit" on the Cayce scoreboard.

Go here to read the details and watch a short video clip. The video clip is not very persuasive in itself, read the article.
[link to www.apmagazine.info]

Some background is very instructive. Little correctly points to the central importance of the Temple of Atlan. In Cayce's story of the history or rather the pre-history of Egypt, it all more or less begins with Atlan, who was a high priest of the old order of the Atlantean religion and Temple organization. Atlan was most likely high priest of all of Atlantis within the Imperial House of Atlan, after which the entire federated civilization was named. The house of Atlan nominally ruled by presiding over the court of 10 relatively independent kings and holding a tithe over them to support the common cultural activities as well as a standing armed force. The central structure of Atlantis was that none of the 10 kings could wage wars against the others except that any aggressor king could be resisted and overthrown with the support of the house of Atlan. As a consequence, the Kings intrigued with each other to aggress against other lands and other peoples to extend the domains and riches of the various Atlantis kingdoms, but they never dared come into conflict with each other. And so it was that many if not most of the houses of Atlantis were involved in the invasions of the Mediterranean peoples and invaded both Egypt and Greece and nearly conquered them until the last shifting of the polls drowned their armies and navies. Plato retells the story told by the Egyptians that long before the modern Helenes (Greeks and Romans) became civilizations, the Atlantean's had deposed the rulers of Egypt and were literally at the gates of Athens. But then sudden tsunamis destroyed both the Atlantean's and the Athenians of that era. The destruction also sank Atlantis and never more was heard of it. Cayce essentially confirms Plato and dates the time at 12,500 ago which is 2000-3000 years earlier than Plato estimated.

Cayce does not directly described the politics of Atlantis at this time but by analyzing in exacting detail his various readings about this time and correlating it with the essential logic told by the Egyptians about their prehistory, it is pretty easy to grasp the probable dynamic of why there is even a legend of Atlantis left in the memory of humanity. Essentially the Imperial House of Atlan, the family of the King of Kings, was actually highly conservative and essentially not expansion-minded. A faction arose within the house that decided to counteract the colonizing and conquering activities of the other Kings. This faction organized itself around the principal percepts of Atlan, who sought to preserve the traditional religious and spiritual practices of Atlantis within a peace oriented world. The group became known as the Law of One in the Cayce readings. It obviously had the direct support of the heirs of the House of Atlan because it was able to command a substantial amount of resources to create a counterweight to the corruptions being created by the other Kings.

Atlan provided a series of predictions about the coming cataclysmic destructions which would come from a shifting of the poles. He began the organization of a vast plan to develop the means to survive the cataclysms. Essentially he or his successors chose three locations in which to create the seeds for the surviving culture: a Temple of Poseidia near Bimini, a Temple near Yucatán, and a Temple at Giza near the Nile.

Cayce tells us that the Temple of Poseidia sank during the cataclysms of the shifting of the poles (which I have named Phoenix Four). Sometime after the cataclysms were over the Temple near Yucatán was flooded out from the gradual sinking of the land. Only the Temple at Giza remained. Those who have been searching for the Yucatán Temple have not properly understood Cayce's remarks. They still hope to find it on land but it is in the ocean channel between the Yucatán and Cuba. Consequently no one has come close to finding that particular Temple.

The Temple at Giza includes the vast pyramid complex as well as the infamous Hall of Records. The whole story of how this complex was built was exhaustingly detailed by quite a variety of Cayce's readings. The ancient Egyptians as well generated and preserved a lot of storyline about the complex. Within the Egyptian literature, the Giza complex is the original Perch of the Great Benu (Egyptian name) or Phoenix (Hellenic name). The Great Phoenix flew across the waters of the oceans amidst a great roaring heard around the Earth. As the Phoenix flew, everything beneath was destroyed. When the Phoenix came to the Giza plateau, it landed on a perch and thus began the Zep Tepi (first time, first light) of Egyptian civilization. The perch was described by the Egyptians as being the central point in the Temple of the Sun, and they clearly depict the perch in a specific hieroglyph which I've been using on my business card for some 15 years. It shows the Great Phoenix standing on top of three pyramids of three different sizes. There's only one place on the planet that matches. The three pyramids on Giza. The three pyramids on Giza ARE the long-lost Temple of the Sun. And it is the original perch of the Great Benu where the ancient gods of Atlantis landed to begin a new civilization.

Cayce tells us that a man named Hermes was one of the heirs to Atlan's law of one group. He came into command of large resources (obviously he was generously supported by the King of Kings in secrecy to avoid interference by the other Kings and their factions) and was in charge of first planting the seeds of the survivor culture of Atlantis. The seeds were carefully hidden in locations which have not yet been found by humans except possibly in one place in Ethiopia. After the cataclysm he used his resources to build the Temple of the Sun at Giza. His chief ally in Egypt was a man named Ra. Hermes was probably the inspirational source for the legends of Osiris, as told by the Egyptians, who taught the natives along the Nile the arts of civilization and also traveled extensively around the world using his airfleet to teach other people how to revive their civilizations.

Hermes and Ra chose and built well. For the past 12,000 years, only the so-called Great Pyramid, which is more correctly described as the Horizon of the Great Benu, remained visible to testify of the existence of a precursor civilization. Cayce also tells us that the Horizon of the Great Benu is a vast marker for a fairly large underground complex, the so-called Hall of Records (which is more correctly described as the Hall of the Djed) which describes a definitive history of Atlantis which spreads through some 100,000 years, its culture, its religion, and a great deal of its specific practices, sciences, and arts, along with a complete set of predictions about how the fourth world (our world since the Horizon of the Great Benu was built) would end up down to the details of when the records would be recovered and by whom. This is specifically intended to stand the hair on your head straight up in a world shattering shock. When uncovered, you will not just find some funky stone tablets. You will find a vast treasure which will dissolve all the lies and ignorance of our current barbarous civilization. That is its intended purpose. It will not be uncovered by treasure hunters, it will be opened in accordance with a vastly long plan carefully guided On High.

Cayce, the entranced Cayce, tells us he knows all this because he was there. He was Ra.

One of his purposes in reincarnating as Cayce was to begin the process of opening the Mouth of the Djed.

Best Wishes, Michael Wells Mandeville,
The Hills of Arizona USA
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