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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Ra
Post Content

Commander Astar Intergalactic Federation of Light ascended 5th Dimension.

Space ship encounters

Let me clarify to Humanity that most of the UFO Activity in your skies are not our light ships. We have not landed a light ship on your planet and nor have we entered your earth's atmosphere until just recently. When the Merope ascended intergalactic were able to enter a port hole which had been protected by Earth selected group. This group of humans have been trying to stop us from anchoring the Transformational energy to your planet. As we have said we are in your universe at this moment and there has been a lot of activity of interest from the Earth selected group, resulting in combat, which have shown hostility towards our light ships. However as we have said the Merope were able to enter the port hole and anchor the energy to the central sun of earth. Our l light ships can be easily explained as etheric energy.

Transformational light energy

As we have said, we at this stage have anchored this transformational energy on Earth. This energy is being transported to Earth from the centre of the Intergalactic Universe and anchored to your planets central sun.

This energy will help lift your consciousness and help free your mind from the traps that others have had over your knowing. These others are the forces of power and control who have used humanity for their own self gain.

As this energy increase you will start to realise the truth behind the lies. These power forces which have used Humanity for their own gain will not be able to hide behind their lies and conspiracies, as this Transformational light brings your consciousness from darkness into the light. Humanity will be able to see their true potential as humans and the beauty that they are, as well as realise that they can create the world they see as theirs and not living their lives for some foundation separate from themselves.


When we speak of implants we are not speaking about physical devises as an implant. Our implants are of an etheric nature. The implants are only given to a select few star seeds so that they are able to complete their assignment on Earth. We are able to do this on a multidimensional level. Each implant carries a code which represents a vibration. The vibration is knowledge. The knowledge is necessary for the next stage in their assignment. The star seeds have the choice to receive the implant, we do not enforce the implant on them as they have free will to receive the implant, and if they choose not to receive the implant, we respect their choice. We do not abduct humans as part of an implant process, nor do we abduct humans for a breeding programme. However we do know that humans are doing breeding programmes as well as implant processes on their own kind. Most of the UFO sightings and abductions of humans are happening from an earth level and it is your own kind that is doing this. This is the Earth selected group; we call them power vampires that are experimenting on their own kind.

Now here comes the twist in this update. The human control select group have also created the knowledge of etheric implants and are using them on humans now. However they are not the same as ours, their knowledge is still very limited. They use these implants to control people and keep them trapped from becoming clear channels of light. To be a clear channel of light you must clear away all unnecessary knowledge that would normally keep the energy from channeling through a clear passage of the self. As you come to understand who you are and realise that you have had many lives and many different realities in many different times, you are able to bring forward from those times necessary knowledge that will enhance your consciousness in this life time, as well as release bad karma if you like that has transferred from past lives into this life time that is not needed and inhibits you to move freely as well as tops you from being a clear channel of light. It is also important to mention to all the healers on planet earth, most of the sickness and illness are a result of these implants and information from the soul source has been tampered with. As a result information from other life times is crossing into this life time and is resulting in illnesses today. So what we are saying here is that there is tampering of the soul pattern that is not of normal process.

Message From The Pleiadians (I,F,U,W,A)

Channeled by R Page
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