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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Royal Assassin
Post Content
Visualisation Meditation

Choose a music that is relaxing

This visualisation is going to be done standing up, so find a place in the room where you are comfortable and you feel at ease in.

Stand in a relaxed position with your hands at your side, part your feet slightly and bend slightly at the knees.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, being aware that you are taking a deep breath in and slowly breathing out, as you are doing this you empty your mind of all thoughts. you are allowing your mind to come clear of all thoughts.

Your mind is only focused on the breath that you are taking into your lungs and the breath that you are releasing from your lungs.

When you are in balance of your body with your breathing and you feel steady on your feet, visualise a rod of white energy coming down from the universe and entering your crown chakra, visualise that light flowing down from the crown chakra through the body and down into your feet and toes, visualise that light going through your feet passing through the floor boards, passing deep into the earth and becoming anchored there in the deep earth.

As that energy flows around the body, filling the body with light until it comes up through the crown chakra and flows around your head, down to the shoulders and continuing to surround the outside of your body with light, until you are cocooned within an egg shape of energy.

The energy rod is still flowing down from the universe into your crown chakra until you are submerged with this light, within the egg cocoon and then the rod of light to your crown charka is disconnected leaving you in the cocoon of light, which has been anchored deep into the mother earth.

Now visualise a colour it can be any colour of your choice, breathe in this colour, as you breathe in you are drawing this colour into your body, with your breath. As this colour enters into your body, it travels into the lungs, and into the cells of your body. This light is carried through the body in the cells, until it reaches the heart charka, and light is transported from the cells in light of the colour which you have chosen, will emanate out through the heart charka and surround the body of light, that cocoons the white light, until there is two layers of light, within the cocoon, and as more coloured light is breathed into the body, more layers are created around the cocoon and the larger the cocoon becomes.

Visualise each colour of your choice coming in with each breath and exiting the inner body through a charka point.

Do this for all seven main charka points.

When you have finished visualising all colours for all the seven main charka points seal off the cocoon by visualising the crown charka closing and at the same time the cocoon is closed off, sealing the colours of energy inside the cocoon. The inside of the body is surrounded in light.

You feel safe and relaxed, you are aware of your breathing, breathing slowly in, breathing slowly out. You are aware that you are in the room and are standing in a safe position.

When you are ready you can open your eyes.

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