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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Royal Assassin
Post Content
Symbols and Patterns

Symbols and Patterns have been forms of communication, at this time humans are discovering languages through the symbols left by the ancient's, who have in a way left information about who they were. Diametrical patterns hold not only information, yet it holds energy as well. Human have yet to break the codes of these messages. In order to see the true text, and intentions of the authors of these symbols and patterns, you have to stop thinking like a human, because these codes, texts left behind in these symbols cannot be read using your human way of thinking. The reason that messages were left in this form was so that a huge amount of data could be stored. Symbols and diametrical patterns are another form of storing information, such as you would use a crystal to store information, because like crystals, symbols and diametrical patterns are givers, receivers' catalysts and stores of information as well as energy.

Humans only speculate what these symbols and patterns are, some have discovered language text from ancient tablets written long after humanity had any understanding of them or knowing of them, their culture or even their point of origin, as some appear to be not of this world. However there is still so much information in these tablets and written symbols on walls in Egypt that have been kept from the public, because they have found knowledge that they do not understand, and are trying to access the knowledge using their human minds and left brain thinking. This information is far beyond your understanding at this time. It takes a higher consciousness to unlock the principles of the codes. I say codes because in a way that's what they are, yet in saying that they are not secret codes, you just don't know how to use them. I tell you that there is a great collection of history waiting for you when you are ready to access it.

Symbols and diametrical patterns have always held interest with humans; it can be seen throughout all cultures and religions across your planet. That is because somewhere in your subconscious you resonate to the energy of them. There is more than what the eyes see, yet it is the unseen that resonate here.

Remember that you are multidimensional beings not one dimensional, nor are you two dimensional, yet you are so much more. Start thinking with both left and right brian and discover what you have been limiting yourself from. The world you have been living in has only been an illusion.

It's time to wake up take responsibility for your knowledge and act with intention and remember you are not alone by any means; you are part of a collective force of light.

That creates with understanding that the prime building block is love.

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