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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Ra
Post Content
Nrg ~ Thankyou

Dances ~ looking forward to the Luna eclipes 333am, on the 333rd day of the week. Luna eclipes always has a profound effect on me.

Maybe because my two bull horns are balanced, being born in the center of the Taurus Zodiac, may the force be with me. I heard Star trek was channeled, I wonder if star wars was too?

Thanks for the heads up on Carol Ann Ciocco

Thread: Celestial Weather & Influences (Page 154)

Eye of the Buddha
Eye of Illumination
Eye of God

"This REVELATION from the elders speaks of the mystery of the Sacred Marriage, the ecstatic Union of the Opposites, the Reconciliation of Duality. East and West, Masculine and Feminine, White and Black, Sun and Moon. Same Blood. Dissolved in Love. And the Eye of Revelation unveiled in the Nov 28th eclipse synchronizes and enhances this theme, as represented in another Eye symbol, the Egyptian Eye of Horus.Eye of God." ~ Carol Ann Ciocco

[link to lightworkers.org]

Path of the Moon through the Earth's shadow

1. First contact with penumbra, 12:14:58 UT, 1:14:58 am NZDT.

4. Maximum penumbral eclipse, 14:33:01 UT, 3:33:01 NZDT.

7. Last contact with penumbra, 16:51:08 UT, 5:51:08 NZDT.

[link to rasnz.org.nz]

Him ~ I liked that part too, as well as

Remember that you are multidimensional beings not one dimensional, nor are you two dimensional, yet you are so much more. Start thinking with both left and right brian and discover what you have been limiting yourself from. The world you have been living in has only been an illusion.

It's time to wake up take responsibility for your knowledge and act with intention and remember you are not alone by any means; you are part of a collective force of light.

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