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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Ra
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The Worlds of the Givers and Receiver's

When we think about our well-being it is not just ourselves that we think about, yet how our well-being affects others around us. We need to take responsibility for our health mind, body and spirit. If one of any of the three is out we are out of balance.

Well-being means personal growth

Well-being means valuing yourself

Other people can impact on your well-being

Balancing your life, health and well-being

How do we know when we get unbalanced, and how do we get back into balance. Help can be gained by the worlds of the givers and receivers and catalyst. Here are the worlds.

Human world: givers and receiver's and catalyst of energy

Plant world: givers and receivers of energy

Mineral world: givers and receivers of energy

Crystal World: givers and receivers, catalyst and stores of energy

Water world: givers and receivers of energy

Animal world: givers and receivers of energy

Metal world: catalyst, receivers, and stores of energy

All these worlds can be used to get back into balance yet we forget that we have this source right at our finger tips and we choose not to use what Mother earth has given us.

How many times have you been into the bush and found that you have left there feeling total revitalised?. That is because you have been around the givers and receivers. If your body needs energy you are receiving energy, as well as the plants are receiving all your negative energy, which is been returned to the central sun, of the Mother Earth, to be regenerated.

For total cleansing of the aura, going to the beach and swimming in the sea will do that. It is good when you are feeling weighed down and heavy. The sail water and salt air is good for depleting the aura. How many of lyou have gone to the beach and had to go home for a sleep because you are tired?

We have used plants for healing, the plants have given us medicine, and we have received energy from them.

Animals have given us energy and nourishment for our bodies by their sacrifice so we can eat. Animals are also healers, and receivers of negative energy especially dogs as they have unconditional love.

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