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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Me114
Post Content
Be warned. This is the path to Lucifer.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 192753

Why say that without explaining WHY you say that? You are not helping... there is no love in that...

My first thought was, we are not all connected because we who want God, and love, peace for mankind, do NOT want to be connected to the purely evil beings. So, no, we are NOT all connected and we need to ACCEPT the fact that we do NOT want to be with evil beings.

My next thought was, this is a good thread. The INTENT is loving and good.

Back to that not wanting to fellowship with EVIL:

once we can accept that God found a way to unfold evil out of Himself, then we can better understand that God also has a solution for what to do with the evil. That solution is to put the evil, into the death, and the death, into non-existence. Now all the questions about why some beings have to go to death (because they are evil) and why there is a concept of Hell (non-existence), are answered.

now we know why there is a 'time' of sorting, and that BEINGS SORT THEMSELVES by their own free will.

So, to me, this thread, is about sorting our selves into LIFE with GOD, and guarding ourselves from being DECEIVED into sorting our selves into DEATH and NON-EXISTENCE.

No one CHOOSES death and non-existence willingly!

BUT... understand and accept, that there ARE evil-beings who are INTENTIONALLY deceiving us into choosing death and non-existence. They are trying to destroy us! Obviously, denying or ignoring that THREAT leaves us totally subject to it. DUH.

So, my advice, on that point, is to WATCH out for channelled light beings, because just being of the light has nothing to do with the truth. light is just mind. The WILL (intention) is where the truth or the lies come from. The intention of many of these channelled light beings is to LIE to us, to deceive us into following them into death and non-existence.

Only God can help us discern the difference, because... God designed it that way so that we would seek His help and develop an intimate relationship with Him. It is His LIFE afterall. So, we can not expect to TAKE God's eternal life and live a life based on LIES! Therefore, God has provided for teaching us the truth Himself; ONE ON ONE. JUST ASK HIM.

its that easy
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