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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just Remember.....

Test everything you see and with which you come into contact, with total discernment.

Insist upon looking behind the curtain, and every time. Ask for that ID. What does the heart say?

What am I seeing? What is the intent of these beings?

What are their motives?

And Submission to the creator/source allows his light to enter and exude from us. The more we submit to the Higher intelligence, the more of the light enters our body.

It doesn't matter who or what name you give the Spirit of Love, to that Spirit. You either have it in your aura or you don't.

The chaos of the gathering time has begun.
You will find though play time is over,

So Let the swords of justice fall into the hands of warriors. Who are fearless. Who have honor. Who know love. Who serve divinity. Who carry the Spirit of Freedom deep within their hearts.


Sending Love And Good Energy to you Divinity.hfhfhfhf

FYC..:The angelic kingdom and other higher divine beings don't need nor use, metal cans to get about. That's a non-sequiter. Only darksiders limited to the physical plane and the 4th etheric sub-plane use crap like you see in the skies. ;o)
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