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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Femto
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Quote/[My personal belief that that the ego is not the soul. It is a necessary tool for life here in this reality. Without ego, you would not survive here. Ego is easily programmed, it's demanding, insatiable and you will never please it. It's the inner child, always grasping for more....and that includes more love/attention. Ego needs to win all the time or it feels a 'failure'.

The mind is different - the mind has access to conceptual thinking/imagination/constructive thinking whereas the ego hasn't.

The higher self, which to me, is the 'I' connected to God, is the soul aspect and it knows everything that has ever been or will be. It's not subject to programmes, time, space or any limitation whatsoever.

When we jump out of the mind and the ego, we are in touch with the higher self/soul. As Icke would say, we are really the space between our thoughts.

Where we mainly clash, 114, is about Evil. I don't see Evil as something outside of God or outside of myself.

Good/bad/evil/joy/love/anger/fear/generosity...it's all I. The ego, the mind, the higher self, is all I.
We cease to be 'I' and lose our identity when we perceive things through the eyes of God....which is the one soul, connected. Our free will kicks in when we make the choice to perform or react with evil intention or good intention. Both intentions are illusory, in the big picture....or ME manifesting the God-part of myself in that particular moment.

You and me are One. I am you and you are Me. But not at an individuated state.]/quote;/Divinity.
Try replacing the word god with monad.It`s only words.No harm.No answer.Only another step.You only find out by finding out.Listen to Grey Lensman,he is allready singing,It`s a kinda magic.Sounds happy to me.Take care.
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