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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
AC192753 by far not all is from the evil here on earth, we have the spark of our true creator within us - for those who didn't completely surrender to the dark at least.

There is no difference between those that surrender to the dark and those that surrender to the light. Both have missed the point entirely.

You for sure must have eaten wisdom with a spoon.

I didn't follow all of your posts but it looks like you're a gross pessimist and belief leveler.
Why don't you open up an own thread where you state your beliefs instead of hi-jacking this one?
 Quoting: Dil 51202

My belief? I am man, not God. We are here to be evaluated and the only time I would stop and accept the light is if that message came directly from him. The last thing I would do is accept this command from a human as God simply would not end this dualist existence designed specifically by him through the words of man. Such people are false prophets.

I can understand why those that would like to wish darkness away and remove the need for free will would consider someone like me as being pessimistic.
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