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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Earth Daughter
Post Content
Lightworkers.. ha!

You rubes are a freaking joke. Put your robes on and protect yourself from my darkness.


You will never understand... power doesn't come from what you advocate anymore than it comes from some tent merchant's 'god'.

Power comes from the will of the user. Not from some misguided concept of 'love' or 'light'.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 192928

Hmmm... I think it is you that does not understand.

We have no need to protect ourselves from 'your darkness' as you call it.

When you become a Warrior of the Light, the dark no longer has any power over you.

Lower thoughtforms and beings cannot pass higher than the lower 4th dimension - you can never raise your vibration when you carry such heavy, foul energy.

Those that choose the Light - there is no limits. When the time comes, we will no longer have to be around dark beings. Hence we choose to spread Light in hopes of taking more of you with us to the higher realms.
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