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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Amethyst
Post Content
The hardest, and last on the "list to do for oneself"
is to recognise God in everyone, (stalin, Hitler, Mussollini, Yout Mother in-law, and then YOU.).

I suppose by "god," you mean the evil creator of the physical universe which runs on suffering and exploitation, and which forces its inhabitants to die and be enslaved by inherintly FINITE matter. This planet runs on exploitation, with the food chain being a prime example, where animals are forced to kill other innocent animals because their genetic programming requires them to eat flesh for their very survival. Why, if the "god," of the physical universe loved us, would he create evil beings to exploit the innocent? Why would he require the inhabitants of this universe to suffer and die, no matter what? It is because the "god," of this universe is evil! The "god," of this universe is NOT the True God of unconditional Love, Purity, Light, and Truth.

By showing unconditional love to your enemies you are allowing yourself to be exploited by them. That is precisely what evil wants!

Beings who have been faithful to the Light will be rescued from this degrading hellish material universe and will be returned to their home of unconditional Love, eternal Life, Purity, Light, and Truth, where there is NO death, NO suffering, NO exploitation, and NO evil.
 Quoting: DerekOneSeven

The god you are speaking of is called the demi-urge by some. It is not a true god at all. All religions, east and west, bow down to this false god.
The True God within/without is what all Light Workers seek. Even those who are unconscious and caught in the trap of religion seek this but have been hijacked. Speaking for myself, I work to awaken the world thru carrying what enlightenment I have into the general consciousness. Whoever it can touch, I am grateful.
As the vibrations increase, we will be lifted into the New Earth; I do not pretend to have the details at hand.
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