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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle DerekOneSeven
Post Content
btw, how do you recognise those: Love, eternal Life, Purity, Light, and Truth,
without those: death, suffering, exploitation, and evil.
 Quoting: FearNot

I simply do. I do not need to feel pain in order to feel love. There exists a place without evil and it's manifestations, a place where i KNOW i originate from. This knowledge is aquired from inner knowing.

Again, i will reitterate that, by showing unconditional love to your enemies you are allowing yourself to be exploited by them. That is precisely what evil wants!

It makes perfect sense to me. I will give you an example. A woman is walking down the street and a mugger attacks her. What do you expect to happen if this woman showed the mugger her unconditional love?
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