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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle xana
Post Content
Divinity, If i would be you I would try to concentrate more on less illusory matters, and act accordingly to your beliefs, the time of nice discussions is out.

The world is on the brink of more wars, what ou propose to do?
 Quoting: The Roman

Roman, you and I differ here very much. I do not expect gloom and doom. I visualize my world, the one I CHOOSE to live on, constantly. I allow that vision to fill the 'illusion' of reality.

When enough of us are visualizing -- the illusion will change. Actually, we ALL visualize all the time. I choose to visualize a beautiful world. I will hold that vision in my heart/love without reservation, until forever more.

And to all here on this thread who choose love, feel in your inner heart the unseen bond connecting us. We gain in our true being through the common bond of love, no matter the vestiges of 'belief' clinging still to most of us, me included.

It is my thought (!!, lol...) that this thread is important for each of us here, to learn to understand what is the common bond.

I repeat: it is love.

Next thread ought to be: What IS Love? What IS hate/fear? All of us here have come to these questions, and (IMO) we have chosen love.

Enough. Beginning to wander...
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