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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Divinity
Post Content
Dear Tomek - for you: :hf:

Hi Renegade!

Good thread.

I do support the lightworkers here and sincerely hope they can overcome the dark forces here.

Although I'm not sure if I'm a lightworker myself, I feel there are factors which are not being seen here or too easily discounted or seen as too abstract to have a significant effect.

Please see my thread on "How to have a Spiritual Awakening and wind up with Fascism".

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

I feel if the forces of light cannot understand the Feminine or Soul as being equal and balancing to the spirit, and connect with it, I they will not be strong and empowered enough.win the battle.

If you look closely and below the surface, these darker forces have done every thing possible to disable the feminine energy since the 1980's for this very reason.
 Quoting: Renegade Starchild

Yes, I believe I contributed to your thread...it was very thought-provoking. Yes, I agree, women and the sacred feminine has been suppressed for over 2,000 years because they know its power!

Having 2 genders here reflects the duality of the reality. It's necessary. Part of the challenge is to equate the two energies, which we have dismally failed to do. I think that's why - in this life - I opted for the female. And maybe you did too!?

As long as one force overpowers the other, we will get imbalance. Balance and harmony is what we all wish to achieve, I think.

Now some on GLP believe there has to be dark AND light here. Some believe there is excess dark and the balance has to be redressed. Others believe it's just a chess game but they're gonna play anyway.

I'm of the latter. I choose to play for the White Queen.

Div hf

* but if I get gobbled up by the Black Knight and spat out, and die, it's ok because I'm eternal.
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