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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Divinity
Post Content
Hey Grey...great site, thanks....I like Gilliland, he's a good soul!

Be warned. This is the path to Lucifer.
haha, you may yet get surprised... I don't know if you are a christian, Anonymous Coward 192753, but most of those people who worship Jesus Christ (Mohammed, etc) as religious idols in fact worship what they fear the most: the devil...

I worship no man. I am my church.

You on the other hand serve Lucifer but you just don't know it. He has many names but they all relate to the same entity.

Can you give us something to go on? Anything? A link? If we are so wrong, can you enlighten us, genuinely?

Here are the facts:

You are too weak to deal with conflict in this temporary realm, therefore you desire to remove one side of the equation. The creates the illusion of freedom from darkness however, it also removes the conditions that necessitate free will since internal conflict will no longer exist. It is NOT your right to do this. Only those that believe they are God are so blindly arrogant. Others have attempted to do the same in the past - all have suffered.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 192753

I worship no man. I worship no church. I do not know a lucifer and I don't actively hang on his every word. So?

Not too weak - too defiant to accept we have to have conflict in our lives. Why should we? Is it something you welcome? Do you thrive on conflict?

I never said I wanted to remove Darkness from the equation. I'd like to go to another realm where there isn't any, sure! But here, now, I wish to redress the BALANCE. And that makes me on the road to lucifer, does it?

Do you think I don't have a dark side? Do you think I don't get jealous, angry, egoic, nasty? Do you think I don't know myself? We ALL have internal conflict but do we still need that outdated, egoic, mode in the 21st Century?

Xana, FearNot, Dil, Yol, we don't want internal conflict any more which is why we are brutal TO OURSELVES! We are our own police forces...we judge ourselves. We are harsher to ourselves than anyone else can be. We kick down the ego at every opportunity, we check constantly - are we operating from love or from ego?

How dare you speak to me of arrogance in the tone you with which you adddress me?

Who are the others? and how have they suffered?

Do you think Mother Theresa didn't have a temper? Or Albert Schweizer didn't have a lude thought?

We are grown-ups, perhaps you could address us as such.

I still love you (but don't upset my mates, LOL!).

Divinity hf
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