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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle The Roman
Post Content
I don't know, Roman, what do you propose to do?

This isn't my thread...this is our thread. Do you wish to have some kind of joint visualisation?

Firstly, I have to address the questions. hiding hf
 Quoting: Divinity

Visualization is a good start, it bring out the energy, if they are strong, and good enough, they can slow or stop events that are not allineated with the free will of the people of the planet.

The problem here is to understand that some few are forcing the great majority of the people on someting that is absolutely not desired, these are rogues and criminals.

This is a good start, it help expose their lies faster and eventually reduce the destruction some of these people are committed on.

Do not bring them LOVE, I read this been said many time, send love to these people do not work. Just visualize their plans inform yourself on their plans, expose the lies without pause, plan ahead of them!

Everything is first created in that other immaterial world before it take form here, since they use every sort of mean in their power (rituals & C.) to get advantage over the normal citizen, one must learn this reality to be able to play on the same level with them. hf
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