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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Lightworkers.. ha!

You rubes are a freaking joke. Put your robes on and protect yourself from my darkness.


You will never understand... power doesn't come from what you advocate anymore than it comes from some tent merchant's 'god'.

Power comes from the will of the user. Not from some misguided concept of 'love' or 'light'.

I embrace darkness... without it there wouldn't be light... and the other way around, of course...

 Quoting: _Q_

Incorrect. Logical Fallacy. the truth is, people are programmed to think Whatever reality they are in is a balance and contrast is needed for things to exist. this is absolutely retardation and im sick of explaining it.

there are an infinite amount of states possible, therefore contrast is not a factor, youd have to have every state existing. you dont understand because your fucking retarded scum with a damaged brain. This is why depressives exist no matter what, regardless of contrast of happiness. this is why manics exist. otherwise everyone would hace the exact same net state if contrast was needed. your experience is absolutely independent of contrast. theres likely another planet thats a completely different society than this one, it couldnt be different if contrast was needed. it would be impossible, everyone would be in the exact same state.. fucking retard scumbags who cant think.
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