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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Divinity
Post Content
Why do i have to repeat myself to people who are dumber than a fucking ape.

this is absurd, the stupidity of people.

your state of consciousness is your state of consciousness. it has nothing to do at all with contrast. there are an infinite number of states possible that you never experienced. you are just in the state you are in due to your neural architecture and chemistry. Contrast is NOT a factor. This is why people who are depressed all their life exist. This is why different societies can exist in different states. contrast has nothing to do with anything.

Do you understand this? do you understand your reality is what it is regardless of any other reality? Do you understand how retarded you are if you say things like "I embrase darkness because it makes light possible" or "Sadness makes happiness possible" Do you understand how it makes no sense and you look like a super drunk person on drugs saying things at random without any thought?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 115143

I like what you have to say but why do you have to say it so abusively?

No-one here is a stupid fucking ape...right? Everyone tries their best, all the time. God knows, it's a difficult reality, this...give people a break.

All I ever say is my opinion, so take it or leave it:

No, neural architecture and chemistry doesn't cut it alone. If it were so, we'd be pixels in a p.c. with no conscious thoughts of our own, no inspiration, no imagination. We are One. We are connected to each other and to All That Is. This thread is about reconnection.

You made your point earlier. It's a good one but it's not the true one. The only generic truth is what you are. Not what you believe.
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