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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle DerekOneSeven
Post Content
>>Again, i will reitterate that, by showing unconditional love to your enemies you are allowing yourself to be exploited by them. That is precisely what evil wants!

It makes perfect sense to me. I will give you an example. A woman is walking down the street and a mugger attacks her. What do you expect to happen if this woman showed the mugger her unconditional love?>> -DerekOneSeven

I'll give you another example - and you could try this on a practical level. For a whole week, you do your very best to think positively, think flowers, children, beauty, peace, freedom. Do not allow sadness, victim or poverty consciousness, doubt, fear, anger, into your life....each time you do, place a huge brown cross over the thought/scene and move onto the next moment, breathe and affirm I Am Contented.

I guarantee you, that if your solar plexus is calm and if the potential thought (subconscious or conscious) of being mugged never arises, YOU WILL NEVER BE MUGGED.

It took me years to understand that the Law of Attraction is profoundly true.
 Quoting: Divinity

I wish this were true at times. Perhaps you should test your experiment by meditating in the slummiest of inner city projects, where the crack dealers hang out. I would dare you to test your own experiment if i wasn't so sure of the outcome. I assume we both know how what would eventuate.

Positive thoughts do effect your emotional state and other things which will effect how you act and feel, but you cannot "create your own reality," simply by positively thinking. As i said, i would dare you to test your own theory, using my criteria, if i wasnt so sure of the outcome.
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