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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle FearNot
Post Content
you cannot "create your own reality," simply by positively thinking.
 Quoting: DerekOneSeven

Derek you are thinking, intelligent man with set of view points.

So am I.

Now, you can not tell me that I can't do something. You really don't know that.

All you can do, to be true to the statement you are making, is to say that you don't think I or anyone can do or don't. Another words it is only your opinion.
And that is ok with me.

In my experience, human is capable of things I can hardly wrap my soul's under-standing around.
I do not think my mind would trully understand what IS.

So, I think I have a hint of where you are.

Lately I see many fish grasping for a water.
In the middle of the ocean.

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