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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Divinity
Post Content
DerekOneSeven wrote:

I wish this were true at times. Perhaps you should test your experiment by meditating in the slummiest of inner city projects, where the crack dealers hang out. I would dare you to test your own experiment if i wasn't so sure of the outcome. I assume we both know how what would eventuate.

Positive thoughts do effect your emotional state and other things which will effect how you act and feel, but you cannot "create your own reality," simply by positively thinking. As i said, i would dare you to test your own theory, using my criteria, if i wasnt so sure of the outcome.

It seems to me that the concept of You Create Your Own Reality only works with YOU. You have the power to change your perception, your emotions, your beliefs, your inner being....all this changes your outer world. I know because I have done this in my own world.

Peace within, peace without. Don't lie and others won't lie to you.

Now, we are taking on a whole new ballgame when we wish to 'heal the world'.

Firstly - does the world need healing? Who are we to say the world isn't as it should be?

Secondly - can you truly change another person? however much energy I throw at the crack dealer, will it change him?

Thirdly - we can only guess at karmic relationships, cycles, paths. How can we judge whether or not people get what they deserve? It APPEARS they don't. But what if we're wrong?

I'd love to have a long discussion about abstract ideas such as soul pacts, split souls sharing simultaneous lives, karmic responsibilities/paybacks, etc...but it all comes down, in the end, to what you believe.

As a Reiki healer, I have to believe that my intervention is

a) welcomed
b) positive

All I can do is channel energy into the person/area and hope that

a) I'm not breaking their free will, and
b) I'm not altering their path for the 'worse'

So. I believe if a place is not to be healed due to karmic circumstances, then so be it. And if a place can be healed because that is what the karmic circumstances allow, then so be it.

So. It doesn't hurt for us, as a group, to send or channel positive energy because if it's not meant to be healed, it won't be. All we would have done is wasted some time.

The whole point of being here really is to raise your own vibration and make certain realisations. Having said that, one way to raise your own vibration is to show compassion and love to another (who are simply reflections of you and your beliefs anyway).

So, take the crack dealer den:

You have a victim and an oppressor. You cannot help the victim unless she helps herself. You cannot stop the oppressor unless he wants to stop. You can, however, let the light in.

Sometimes the influx of light is enough for the 'actors' to wake up and realise what they are doing and the reasons why. When the light of love enters, fear can be dispersed.

The victim - like all of us have been here - has a choice. To open to the light or not. Everyone has a choice - and this was very hard for me to understand for many years.

There is still so much we don't understand. So you must do what you feel is the right thing to do.

Meantime, I know we create our own reality because we do it every second. The immediate vicinity is your creation. What would you like to change? Know you can change it at any moment because you are, anyway!

How else do you explain synchonicity? The Powers that Be know this, which is exactly why their chief agenda is to dumb us down.

Being AWAKE is being aware of everything and knowing we are responsible.

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