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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Semjase
Post Content
DIV!! hf hf

I am so glad to see this thread! Thanks for posting!
I have not been on for a while and really have some catching up to do.

I wish I could better comment on the changes taking place with us on all levels but I am PREGNANT and so it's so hard for me to discern what is baby and what is shifting.... I can tell you though that I am more clear and focused and I feel more secure within myself. I have my ups and downs but I am glad to be here during these monumental times.

I LOVE the 11:11 and 12:12 Energy and do not get any negative feelings from it what so ever... I feel like it's my guides or angels saying hello and I see it everyday.

"""""There is always a significance to the numbers you repeatedly see. The 11:11 is a reference to humanity's permission window to change. The 12:12 is when humanity received the passing torch of spiritual energy. The 4:44 is a 12 in disguise, and it's about grounding. . . the number of the building blocks of the universe. 2:22 is a disguised 6, again, along with the 3, and 4, it is part of the scenario of 12. In addition, for you, it is a congratulation of your "harmony" energy! The 22 also represents the master builder... but you knew that, didn't you?"""""

From Kryon.

Anyways glad to be here and looking forward to sharing more later.

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