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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Semjase
Post Content
Well, have felt this needs to be posted here... thoughts and comments appreciated.

Not many of my dreams follow me into daytime, except the 'feeling/tone' of it. Two nights ago, however, had a dream like none other.

I was sitting at a round table with people, unidentified, tho I felt they were 'family' or 'friends'. Except there was one woman sitting directly opposite me... her I'd never seen before, and I couldn't see any energy coming from her. Her eyes appeared to be looking at me, but not 'seeing' me... you know that blank staring look?

Suddenly, a black bullet hole appeared in the throat of this person, right in the middle of some sort of round medallion tied with a black ribbon around her throat.She was dressed very oldfashioned, white fluffy blouse, long sleeves, with this medallion thing.

When the bullet hit her, she just sat there, then was pushed back out of the way --I didn't see who/what pushed, just saw next her lying tossed aside on the floor. When I looked back at the table, there was another woman, identical to the first, sitting in the same chair.

"There! This one is better." voice, not much emphasis, just stating the info.

And that was the end of what I remember.

Told FearNot about it in the morning, yesterday, Thursday Feb 8... extremely unusual dream for me.

Question to this thread: was this some of the dream interference some of you are mentioning? I've never felt susceptible to it prior, but lately I have been here on the forum, fairly vocal.

I work with the Hathors' "holon" and call on my guides and helpers, as well as my own inner self...not in fear, but to bring my vibe higher. Any suggestions? (haven't made a foil hat yet...!...)
 Quoting: xana

Hi Xana,

Interesting dream! The first impression that I got was that this woman sitting across from you is you. The "you" that represents the shedding of an old self for a new one. The bullet metaphorically signifying the death of your old self. Not sure this makes allot of sense but that was my first impression.

The people around you are your space family and freinds whom you do visit allot during your sleep time.

I think that because we are "waking" up that we are remembering our dreams or maybe seeing what takes place on the other side of the veil more clear.

Just wanted to give my first impression. Hope this sheds some light ....lol hf


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