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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Amethyst
Post Content
Well! I finally caught up with many pages...step out for a while and the train keeps running!
Thanks Divinity for your kind words to me! Interesting to see myself thru another's eyes! hf

About creating one's reality:
For many many years I was caught in very negative situations amongst groups of people. I thought I could change the situation by changing myself~create a different me. But that was wrong sighted. I chose to create a reality that didn't exist~that these people were my friends or were looking out for me. They were not. I made myself believe lies so that I could carry on in this reality because I thought that that was all there was. I was wrong.

At some point, gradually, I saw the situations as they were. It boggled my mind. I then chose to remove myself from the situations completly, and took a long time to heal emotionally, physically, and mentally, having to redefine my entire world of what did I know vs what I did not know.

Once I decided that I did not need all the aggression, denigration, humiliation etc. in my life~~~it stopped. Once I got the number of these people, they left me alone. I mean they were no longer part of my reality. I didn't bump into them at the store, or on the street or any place. On the off chance that we were in the same place, I actually didn't recognize them until they told me who they were. And my neutral reaction~to just walk away, spoke volumes that spread thru their grapevine.

So what I am saying is that a person who is creating peace within themselves will most likely not find themselves in dangerous situations, ie.~ the example of the woman and the mugger~~purely hypothetical, and difficult to answer. They are not going to draw those experiences to themselves. And it is possible to recreate your reality once you have a very clear idea of what is going on in your life. Until you do, it is just an idea.

But I can tell you that I also create the energy around me that says "mess with me and I will bitch slap you!". And there are different ways to do this. I no longer believe in *turn the other cheek*. Carry that energy, and you will be hurting on all your cheeks. I say this from personal experience of many years.

Are we all One? In the broadest sense, yes. There are sparks of goodness in everyone, yet it is very clear who has lost their way so completely as not to be recognizable as Humans. I have suffered from wicked people, but I can understand that their warpedness is due to the traumas endured in our society. Some need to be locked away for sure, some I just don't want to be around. But most are not pure evil.
What will happen to the pure evil like those in the Illuminati government? I don't know. I no longer dwell on this because it is too speculative and hypothetical, and may not be the way the Universe works at all. But being a rock works for me.

Just my 2c...Love to all...
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