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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Divinity
Post Content
Ame, It is weird when someone 'outside of yourself' highlights aspects of your nature you don't see yourself. In truth, I think that's the nature of the hologram - you surround yourself with people (characters) who mirror you.

One viewpoint which changed me was that of Gregg Braden's. He wrote about the Essene Mirrors (I don't have the book but I reasonate greatly with the Essenes). If anyone knows the article, it would be great to post but fundamentally, those closest to you are mirrors of YOU (the conscious and subconscious YOU), the wider circle includes more aspects of you but also aspect you judge or dislike, the even wider circle includes aspects you probably have to deal with that are everything other than LOVE.

I started to look around me and see not who was in my life, but WHAT I was attracting. Serious soul-searching and life-changing experiences took place until I've reached the point now where I am very choosy about whom I spend my time with.

The spiritual path can be lonely but also it's a time when you so need to be alone, at the same time or you can't see the wood for the trees!

Just to quote you:-

>>So what I am saying is that a person who is creating peace within themselves will most likely not find themselves in dangerous situations, ie.~ the example of the woman and the mugger~~purely hypothetical, and difficult to answer. They are not going to draw those experiences to themselves. And it is possible to recreate your reality once you have a very clear idea of what is going on in your life. Until you do, it is just an idea.>>

Yes, it is possible to reject conflict, reject drama. Be honest, people, how much drama do you see around you? And how much do you know has been created by the person in the centre of the drama?

All you need to do is release the need for the chaos/drama.

>>But I can tell you that I also create the energy around me that says "mess with me and I will bitch slap you!". And there are different ways to do this. I no longer believe in *turn the other cheek*. Carry that energy, and you will be hurting on all your cheeks. I say this from personal experience of many years. >>

I agree, it's more akin to 'don't step over my personal boundary - if you do, then accept the consequences'. But, again, maybe it's the signals I sent out now, I don't get too attached and people don't get involved with me.

>>Are we all One? In the broadest sense, yes. There are sparks of goodness in everyone, yet it is very clear who has lost their way so completely as not to be recognizable as Humans. I have suffered from wicked people, but I can understand that their warpedness is due to the traumas endured in our society. Some need to be locked away for sure, some I just don't want to be around. But most are not pure evil.>>

I totally agree.

>>What will happen to the pure evil like those in the Illuminati government? I don't know. I no longer dwell on this because it is too speculative and hypothetical, and may not be the way the Universe works at all. But being a rock works for me.>>

My great pal Atlan knows a lot about karma. His theory is that while they're playing the role of 'evil' in this life, they have it totally opposite in another...and vice-versa with 'good'. Because the universe always achieves equilibrium/balance amid the chaos, it makes sense to me that 'what you give out, you get back'.

I do believe that dreams/visions are sometimes bleed-throughs of other lives...and if you blind a man in this life, it's possible you will be blinded in another.

As Jesus supposedly said: 'Those in glass houses...' - it's not really ours to judge. I hate what the Cabal do but I don't hate them per se. That would be like my left arm telling my right leg it would punish it by chopping it off.

The fundamental part of the Law of One is 'if you hurt another, you hurt yourself'. I didn't grok this FOR YEARS!!!! Now, I do.

In Conversations with God, NDW taught me to mind my own business! Mind your own business and people will leave YOU alone! It is so true.

Sorry for rambling, but you stimulated many inner thoughts...thanks a lot!!!!!!

Div hf
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