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(((((((((((((((A MUST SEE VIDEO AIO)))))))))))))))))

Magister Ludi
Offer Upgrade

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02/26/2007 03:33 AM
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(((((((((((((((A MUST SEE VIDEO AIO)))))))))))))))))
Can MODS please pin this thread?

This ALL IN ONE video talks about Gold, Silver, Oil, War, NWO, Skull and Bones, Illegals, the Federal Reserve, the Illuminati, Terrorism, the coming Depression, the Antichrist, RFID, Chip Implants, the North American Union, Vaccinations, Enternment Camps, Chinese Soldiers in the U.S., Russian Armament, WWIII, Loans and the Housing Bubble...


[link to video.google.com]

Why fight for "freedom" somewhere else, when freedoms are eroding IN the U.S. of A?

Why fight Israel wars with your children, America?

When the SHTF, do you think the color of your skin, political affiliation, or nationality will matter?

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United States
02/26/2007 04:13 AM
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Re: (((((((((((((((A MUST SEE VIDEO AIO)))))))))))))))))
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

Pinned last night.