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Site Hacked to Keep BBC 911 Anniversary Video Off Web

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 147938
United States
03/03/2007 02:26 AM
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Site Hacked to Keep BBC 911 Anniversary Video Off Web
Not new, but noteworthy.

Site Hacked to Keep BBC 911 Anniversary Video Off Web
Posted by: ricksiegel on Monday, November 13, 2006 - 12:59 PM 4258 Reads

" I just never thought it was that important. How many millions of people already know that the destruction of the Trade Centers in NYC on September 11, 2001 were not caused by some jet or its subsequent fire.

This latest release of footage from BBC on the anniversary of the 911 events did not seem to me that important even though it clearly has audible and visual evidence of the demolition charges destroying the building. It was given to me from a person who told me that google, yahoo and his web provider closed his accounts for having it on. I did not believe this and put it up myself.

Shoutwire took the story down and I cannot post more stories there. Something is wrong? Original Shoutwire Story go shout it.

Well, here I am to tell you within 38 hours of posting the article and getting it on Shoutwire the site was hacked. Not a normal hack, but a root level attack to turn the whole thing off. There was no defacement just dismemberment.

I only noticed it at 3amCST and it was taken down at 8pmCST as far as the logs can show. We are working to identify the culprit but as this usually goes to a building there will be very little in getting to the culprit.

So, as with anything so important that it gets hacked, taken down and abused by censors it must contain pretty damning information. So I link here to the article:
And I repost it here:

BBC Footage 9/11:The Twin Towers Shows Positive Proof of Explosives

On September 7, 2006 the BBC showed a special anniversary program for the anniversary of 911 events. The show was called "911: The TwinTowers". The video is of great significance as you can see and hear the Tower being demolished and hear the sequence of charges.

The sound allegedly has not been enhanced in any way and is even distorted by the Google encoding yet sets itself in accord with the testimony of most eyewitness testimony. That includes testimony from the FDNY firefighters.

The building had 114 floors and took approximately 10 seconds to collapse. In this video fourteen explosions can be heard in a period of 5 seconds dispelling any belief in a "pancake theory".

While more and more evidence piles up and the floodgates are ready to burst one ponders what it will take for the people to finally get up and kick the people subverting the indictments into jail. Instead we note that they have now been promoted to higher positions of power/ they have passed more draconian laws stripping more freedoms and liberties in the belief that it will save us from the invisible enemy who cannot be killed.

If you or yours were murdered, would you not hope for a murder investigation? 3000 people died in NYC that day and there has not been one murder investigation, indictment or trial for any crime. Not one.

The government cover-up starts there. Indict the criminals

Rudolph Giuliani
Destruction of 3000 murder crime scenes
250 murders of Firemen - Knowingly allowing 250 firemen to stay in the Towers when he had for warning of them coming down.

Christine Todd Whitman
Causing pain, suffering and death to 1000's of workers who depended on her claim to safe air.

George W. Bush
Job Negligence in protecting the nation
Criminal invasion of another nation under false pretenses
Murder of 100,000 Iraqi's
Murder of 3000 US service people

Larry Silverstein
Insurance Fraud
Tax Fraud
SEC Fraud
Trading with the Enemy

[link to www.ricksiegel.com]