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If extradited Gary Mckinnon set to be put to death!

simple simon
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United Kingdom
03/04/2007 05:53 PM
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If extradited Gary Mckinnon set to be put to death!
Hi all,

Gary Mckinnon was curious about flying saucers so he did some research using the internet. He found a load of computers belonging to the US mil (plus others) which had blank administrative passwords, which is like leaving the front door to a person's house open so that anyway can enter. Its not even a crime - providing no damage is done.

Now the US govt. want him extraditing from London, England, to stand trial for finding that NASA airbrushes UFO's out of photos and that the mil has a fleet of space capable aircraft.

At first they were talking about 70+ years in jail (possibly gitmo) and a USD$1 million fine but as the letter below shows they now plan to kill him.

This barbaric new development is totally disproportionate to the alleged crimes. It is my contention that it proves that the USA has no intention of giving Gary a fair trial - he has already been tried, and sentenced.

I am writing to appeal for help with ensuring justice for Gary.

Since all alleged crimes were committed here in Britain, so this is where he should be put on trial. And, if he is found guilty then the punishment should be proportionate for the crime - the death penalty is of course totally disproportionate, and indeed smacks of nothing less than cold bloodied revenge.

I also invite all British citizens, residents, expatriates, in an overseas territory, a Crown dependency or in the Armed Forces without a postcode to sign a petition at the office of the Prime Minister asking that Gary not be extradited to the USA.

You are also invited to share news of this petition with colleagues, friends, family members, etc - and to ask them to sign too.

[link to petitions.pm.gov.uk]

Thanking you


Below is a letter from Gary's mother - Gary cannot email as he is prohibited from using internet connected computers.


It's me again, Gary's mum.

As you all probably know, our son Gary McKinnon is facing extradition to the United States for allegedly hacking into the Pentagon. Gary was first arrested by the UK police in 2002 and after being told by them that he would face community service, he admitted to unauthorised access but has always denied causing any damage. In the end the UK police (CPS) decided not to prosecute Gary at all.

Just when we thought and hoped that this had all blown over, the American government had Gary arrested in 2005 and they are currently trying to extradite Gary for allegedly hacking into their system in 2002. The US have alleged damage as without this they cannot extradite Gary and it seems that they do intend to inflict the most severe punishment on Gary in order to make an example of him so that they can disuade other would be hackers.

I was extremely shocked to find out about Ed Gibson (during a secret conversation at the American Embassy) telling Gary's legal team of New Jersey's determination "to see Gary Fry". This was discussed in open court, so I'm pretty amazed that only a local newspaper thought to report this, especially as so many journalists were present in court.

David Blunket signed a treaty "in secret" with the US government allowing them to extradite any UK citizen on the strength of an allegation alone and without any Prima Facie evidence whatsoever having to be shown.
This treaty was then made retrospective and enabled the US government to ask for Gary's extradition without them having to provide any evidence. Had they requested Gary's extradition in 2002 or 2003; they would have to have provided evidence.

Our family have been living under extreme stress since Gary was arrested and Gary has recently developed health/heart problems because of this continual stress and fear of spending sixty years in a US prison. Because UK citizens are considered a flight risk they are imprisoned in jails where they are shackled and where stun guns are often used on prisoners.

We totally accept that Gary should be tried in the UK which is his own country but that he should absolutely not be extradited to the Us To face the inhumane 60 year sentence proposed by the US government.

Gary was searching for information on UFO's and Free Energy technology. Shockingly the US military computers had no passwords/blank passwords and no firewalls.
Gary is said to have left messages on the military computers alerting them to the fact that their security was virtually non existent; he also left comments which reflected Gary's Pacifist views and we feel that Gary is being penalised because of this.

The 9/11 tragedy upset us all greatly and Gary could not understand why there were no helicopters hovering around the buildings in order to attempt to rescue the people who were desperately signalling for help.
Gary may have rightly or wrongly believed in some of the conspiracy theories that he had seen on the internet or on television but he does not deserve to face such an extreme sentence because of his belief in cover ups relating to UFO's etc.

Please help us to FREE GARY by signing the petition below and asking anyone you know who may be sympathetic to sign. Please help us to Free Gary.

[link to petitions.pm.gov.uk]

[link to petitions.pm.gov.uk]

[link to www.theregister.co.uk]

[link to freegary.org.uk]

A Huge Thank You to Callum Guy who has organised this petition on behalf of Gary.

Thank you Callum, your petition is greatly appreciated. It is very humbling when people I don't even know go out of their way to help my son and we cannot thank everyone enough for supporting Gary.

Thank You!!! and Thank You to HVTV on You Tube from us and from Gary and his girlfriend. We only found out about this video during Gary's appeal hearing a few weeks ago.
Your support is much appreciated!!!

[link to www.youtube.com]

Kindest Regards

Janis (Gary's mum)