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Canada BEcoming more like Communist China State Funded media

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 75043186
06/19/2017 10:10 AM
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Canada BEcoming more like Communist China State Funded media
Canada BEcoming more like Communist China, Canada recognizes media is important in a democracy and corrupt people in Canada are trying to make sure media like Ceawe can't compete and make money while government makes sure media cant make enough money to sustain telling the truth everyone makjes money from lies proven wrong in the documentary Overpriced...Ceawe produced the documentary Overpriced [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
People are against democracy and communist china have state funded media. Why is alternative media on board with the government against the documentary Overpriced?

Hardcore Gang Stalking people are gang stalking and don't want the documentary Overpriced to be seen by people because it talks about the conspiracy to keep cannabis prices high organized crime trying to get limited business legal and not end prohibition, the government protects the interest of organized crime, people are manipulating the environment it seems like theres a bunch of undercover agents and that's why government wont end prohibition so criminals make lots of money with overpriced cannabis.