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Things we all do but would never say we do...lol

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 74934811
United States
06/19/2017 10:10 AM
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Things we all do but would never say we do...lol
1.Pick our nose..you know when you get a crusty one its fun as hell to flick it..lol

2.Watch porn...even the priests unfortunately

3.Fool around on spouse or other relationship in some way or another...even if you flirt you are fooling around.lol

4. Masturbate...Seriously? who doesnt do this?...your a liar...lol

5. Pick our ass...you have done it and even sniffed your finger..lol

6.Drive drunk...its just bad judgement. duuu..if your impaired of course you have bad judgement...lol

There are more but I dont want to be to grose...lol