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Some people are so enslaved by their instinctive nature that Nobody, no Spiritual Master, no Initiate can change them

Anonymous Coward
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07/08/2017 05:42 AM
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Some people are so enslaved by their instinctive nature that Nobody, no Spiritual Master, no Initiate can change them
Many people ask: 'What is the use of making efforts to change our lives? Why follow a spiritual teaching? The conditions of our existence continually oblige us to make concessions in order to live in society. If we begin to stand out in our family, among friends, or at work because of a different vision of the world, and a different way of life, we are immediately isolated. The problems we face are already so complicated; why complicate them further?' How many times have I heard this kind of thinking! But what is the proper response? People who reason in such a way reveal quite simply that they have not truly understood the usefulness and effectiveness of a spiritual teaching. A spiritual teaching gives us the criteria and methods with which to confront all conditions of life, both those that are easy and those that are difficult, for even that which is easy can be a snare if we are not enlightened and do not know which direction to follow. Nothing can justify those who refuse to make efforts to advance on the path of light.

"‘Nastradine Hodja, when will the world end?’ his disciples asked him one day. ‘But that’s very simple; let’s see now,’ he replied. ‘It will end when I die.’ And, in a way, he was right; when someone dies, the whole world disappears with them, and when they are alive the world is also alive. There’s something to think about! Yes, it depends on you, on your state of consciousness, as to whether the world is alive or dead, spiritual or material, subtle or gross, beautiful or ugly.

You will say, ‘But we’ve known that for ages!’ Well then, if you know it, why don’t you manage to make it a reality? You know everything, yet you do nothing. Do something; resolve to change your inner glasses, so that the world and the people in it become truly alive for you. "

"Now that esotericism is in fashion, there are people who think that, once they've read a few books and more or less understood them, they are capable of opening a school and having disciples! Will they really be able to enlighten them and help them to change? Well, no, for to be able to change people you have to have changed yourself first. A young girl loves a boy who is an alcoholic or a drug addict, and, convinced she is going to rescue him from his vice, she marries him. It's a good thing to want to save someone, but what is she going to save him with? Does she have enough knowledge? What happens is, not only does she fail to save him, but she may be driven to drink and drugs herself.
So many people think they can stay just as they are and change humanity! They don't ask themselves, 'Do I have the knowledge, the love, the light, the purity, willpower and moral strength required?' They see themselves as capable, that the fact they are there, that they exist and want to do it should be enough. Unfortunately it isn't, and they fail."

"It is useless to try to change people if they themselves do not feel the need. If they have not understood the importance of a philosophy and a spiritual discipline, we must not insist. Their attitude merely demonstrates that they are still very young and need experience and lessons in order to understand. They will suffer, of course, and we cannot spare them their suffering, for by means of this they will become conscious of the need to change their lives.

As for those who are dissatisfied with their prosaic, dull and narrow existence, an entire world of extraordinary activities opens before them. These activities are symbolically represented by what Greek mythology called ‘the twelve labours of Hercules’. They are related to the twelve signs of the Zodiac and represent the trials the disciple must face, the inner obstacles he must overcome, in order to receive initiation. "

"Some people are so enslaved by their instinctive nature that nobody, no spiritual master, no initiate can change them. They will tell him, 'I understand very well what you're saying, I agree with you, it's marvelous, I would like to change but I can't, I can't help it.' Some will admit, 'If I don't smoke, drink, chase women or steal a little, I'm unhappy.' These people are even unhappier after, of course, but this is another matter.

It is therefore out of the question to transform all these people, but it is important to show them that the spiritual life other people lead makes sense. This will remain a distant ideal for them for a long time, but they must at least know about it. If Christ appeared in person, thousands of people would undoubtedly fall on their knees to glorify him, but they would remain what they are, unable to transform themselves for the moment. Yes, even if your cat sweetly mews beside you, it is no use preaching vegetarianism to it, it will remain a cat and will always look for mice. But it is never useless to show some of the 'cats' we meet in life that there are better things to do than chase mice.
One day they will understand, but when?..."

"It is almost pointless embarking on the spiritual life so long as you have not understood just how tough the lower nature is and how demanding the work is you have to undertake, in terms of vigilance, steadfastness, humility and selflessness. Far too many people think that, because they have found a spiritual teaching, they will change rapidly. Well it isn’t so; mastery of one’s psychic life is so much harder than they imagine! Each human being does, in fact, possess the capacity for self-renewal, self-regeneration, for becoming godlike, but it is a very slow process, and what each person can achieve in this lifetime depends on the work already begun in previous incarnations.

Those who have no awareness of the difficulties they will inevitably encounter in the spiritual life will find it impossible to make progress, and so they will suffer and make others suffer. For those embarking on the spiritual life, the first requirement is great self-awareness."

"When people are hostile towards you and you would like them to change their attitude, work first on changing yourself. You must not go against others in an attempt to make them change their behaviour. They will change only when they sense that you yourself have changed, that light, goodness and peace emanate from you. It is by working on yourself that you compel others to change.
You must first conquer your inner enemies, and then by force of example you will succeed in conquering your outer enemies. It is clear that dissension and criticism lead nowhere, so each time a difficult situation arises, begin by adopting the proper attitude. You will then have plenty of time to get back at others, but with the light and omnipotence of love."