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Subject Ascended Earth Update
Poster Handle Wisdom
Post Content
Hello Dear Lightworkers:

This is the Ascended Earth update for Thursday, March 15.

Energy continues to mount against the dark regime and their terror movie:

Hands off Iraqi Oil
[link to action.priceofoil.org]

From Protest to Resistance
[link to www.worldcantwait.net]

In my frequent meditations throughout the day, I see Gaia radiant with Golden Light, surrounded by a circle of Ascended Humanity sparkling with rainbow colors.

The pot is so near to boiling, the lid is literally floating!

Yes, they do say a watched pot never boils. That is why we, as Lightworkers, must see the pot already boiling. We must see the Earth, Gaia's body, already healed with Radiant Love and Humanity Ascended, having already responded to our continual channeling of Pure Unconditional Love.

Do you remember the song, Bring me a Higher Love? That used to be one of my favorite songs to dance to!

Let's join together, dear Lightworkers, and lift humanity and Gaia to a Higher Love this month!

We can lift the Earth to a higher frequency of Love, in which all fear based energies are transformed immediately into Pure Unconditional Love. Fear, after all, is simply the absence of Love. Where Love is, fear is not.

Continually throughout the day, feel the Pure Unconditional Love flowing from your Higher Self and flow it through you to the mass consciousness couple at the center of the Earth, telling them: "We are all One. I Love You!"

See the Pure Unconditional Love radiating out from the mass consciousness couple , purifying, balancing, harmonizing the Earth and dissolving all pollution throughout the Earth, Gaia's body.

See Rainbow Humanity, joining hands around the Earth in celebration of having defeated fear. A Rainbow of Ascended Humanity around the Earth which is itself glowing Golden, having dissolved all fear based energies. Feel the Joy of that perfect moment in time.

Live the truth 24 hours a day, "We are all One. I Love You!" It will carry you to ascension and the Highest Heavens.

Pure Unconditional Love Dissolves fear!

Let's all share our experiences in meditation with one another in the Lightworkers Forum.
Lightworker Forum: [link to www.bulletinboards.com]

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The Lightworker Express to Infinite Supply: [link to www.heavenly-light.us]

Get an overview of our Lightworker Project to heal Humanity and Gaia.
Ascended Earth Project: [link to www.heavenly-light.us]

Open your own Higher Self Channel.
Unity with your Higher Self CD: [link to www.heavenly-light.us]

Join our Lightworker Mailing List.
Email: light.workers@heavenly-light.us

Thanks for all that you are doing to bring forth the Golden Age, dear Lightworkers!

We are All One. I Love You,

Wisdom Paradise
Teacher of Universal Law and Higher Self Guide

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Offering Spiritual & Financial Well Being
[link to www.heavenly-light.us]
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