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Message Subject jesuits of church militant found the masonic lodge system, substitute paper money for gold and silver, underwrite wars, etc etc etc
Poster Handle necramericanomicon
Post Content
"The Templars were replaced by the Hospitallar's and the Hospitallar's were replaced by the Jesuits and the rest is as they say is history..."
not to be a piddly nigglypicker, but can it be assumed you are speaking of the "hospitallers"....

The Knights Templar were dissolved in 1312 and much of their property was given to the Hospitallers.

conspiracy theory has it that the templars, who managed to abscond with most of their treasury (second only to that of the catholic church itself) and fleet of ships, then turned to piracy

and eventually took their revenge on the hospitallers, killing many of them and burning their realty

as to the jesuits, i shudder to think where they came from....must have been some kind of cthulhuian "it"
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