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Message Subject Bush 41 Speechwriter Hints That 911 Was Inside Job
Poster Handle zacksavage
Post Content
"Editorial Reviews

Book Description
After four decades as a Republican insider, Victor Gold reveals how the holy-rollers and the Neo-Cons have destroyed the GOP. Now heís fighting to get his party back. As a man who served as press aide to Barry Goldwater and speechwriter and senior advisor to George H. W. Bush (in addition to coauthoring his autobiography), Victor Gold is absolutely furious that the Neo-Cons and their strange bedfellows, the Evangelical Right, have stolen his party from him. Now he is bringing the fight to them. Invasion of the Party Snatchers is a blistering critique not only of the Bush-Cheney administration but also of the Republican Congress. Gold is ready to tell all about the war being waged for the soul of the GOP, including the elder Bushís opinion of his sonís work domestically and abroad, the significance of the newly elected Congress, and how Goldwater would have reacted to it all. Gold reveals, among other explosive disclosures, how George W. has been manipulated by his vice president and secretary of defense to become, in Lenin's famous phrase, a "useful idiot" for Neo-Conservative warmongers and Theo-Conservative religious fanatics. Although there have been other books by dissident Republicans attacking the Bush-Cheney administrationís betrayal of conservative principles, none have been by an insider whose political credentials include inner-circle status with Barry Goldwater and George H. W. Bush.

About the Author
Victor Gold was a speechwriter for Bush Sr. and was a prominent Goldwater disciple. He is a personal friend of the Bush family and many other prominent politicians. His previous books include Looking Forward, the autobiography of George H. W. Bush, and a satirical fiction, The Body Politic, coauthored with Lynne Cheney. He is national correspondent for Washingtonian magazine."

[link to www.amazon.com]


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