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Anonymous Coward
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04/19/2007 04:46 AM
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There are things that dont make sense.The previous bomb threats, the decoy first shooting, the second shooting and massacre, the letter saying he doesnt like rich kids, the execution, professional killing of students and professors, that it happened to be an engineering faculty, that rosie appealed to engeneering faculties to clarify 911, that the date adds up to 911, that the photos of the guy dont look alike, that the memorial service was very quickly organized, that bush and cheney attended, did they attend columbine? or is it a question of numbers, blair and howard come on tv uttering their condolensces, and now the Queen of England is said to be considering travelling to the scene of the crime, not to mention the cell phones going down, the porfessors of engeneering killed and so on and so forth.

There are several possibilities

That it is a crazed oriental guy who looks different in two photos and kills like a professional over three hits per person, and the cell phones going down a coincidence and all the rest.

That this isnt the scenario and then we must look deeper into the rabbit whole and ask ourselves why?

My conclusions are three.
Possible gun control, but I doubt that is the sole reason.

Maybe something to do with 911 investigation considering the engineering faculty and the professors killed.

A ritual sacrifice. I think the elite or some that hold the strings of world power are following an occultist agenda and using the black arts, this could be a ritualistic sacrifice for some goal they are after obtaining. I think one of the goals of the leading families is to usher in the dark new world leader, to give birth to him in their bloodline, I think they are actually racing against eachother or forming factions to see who gets it first.

I think this whole thing stinks anyway.