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Message Subject Patriot Weapon of Choice -- AR15
Poster Handle Dervish
Post Content
My 2 cents.
If you are planning on being out in the bush for an extended period of time, stick with the AK just for ease of maintenance.

If you think you will need lots of ammo stick with an AR.

If you have the best of both worlds and can hunker down and defend with a strong supply base stick with an FN.

My weapon of choice are the FN clones. Never had a problem with them. My last one was a tack driver with NATO surplus.

Just keep in mind the mission and your own limits. If you are going to go OFE and have to carry everything on your back, 223 is really appealing. But if you will be moving alot you won't have the chance to keep it clean enuff to be worthwhile.Unlike a military unit, you won't have an armoror to fix it if something breaks.
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