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Message Subject Patriot Weapon of Choice -- AR15
Poster Handle Xare
Post Content
From the Michigan Militia Handbood for LEVEL 1 - BASIC READINESS:

The AR15 is the civilian version of the rifle used by the US armed forces, the M16. As it is possible that militia units will find it necessary to fight alongside US units in defending our country, this would be an appropriate choice. These rifles come in so many barrel lengths, and with so many options and variants, that it would be very difficult to not find one that suits you. The AR is a precision made, close tolerance machine. This provides more accuracy than nearly any other standard military semi-auto rifle, but it requires fastidious cleaning to ensure reliability. Some loose tolerance rifle types, like the AK series, are famous for being subjected to mud and rust by illiterate rural peasants anywhere in the world, and still come up shooting every time. The AR is more suitable for Americans, who use machinery
every day (cars, phones, computers, doorknobs, flushing toilets), and are much more likely to be capable of maintaining it. Most of the US military surplus gear that is currently available is geared toward this weapon. It is a favorite of many militia types.
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