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Conspiracy Of The Ages: Illuminati Plans 2007

Just Passin' Through
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United States
05/03/2007 05:39 AM
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Conspiracy Of The Ages: Illuminati Plans 2007
[link to www.springfordonline.com]

A little while back I stumbled on a video on the internet in which a guy claimed the book
Atlas Shrugged, a 1,168 page book published in 1957, was a book written with a series of hidden instructions for the illuminati to follow, a sort of blueprint for the New World Order. He claimed that parts of the book were NOT fiction.

I thought it was kind of odd that any group, especially the world's elite, would put something out in the open for everyone to see, especially if it revealed their secret agenda. But I couldn't get this out of my head, and so I had to do a little investigating myself to see if there was any merit to this claim.

If this guy was right I thought, then in 2007, this book written in 1957, would have references to events that have already happened. If I could decipher and link some of these together, then I could build a strong case for this theory. And if this book is the blueprint for the New World Order, then there are some very perilous times ahead.

BUT if their plan is exposed, then perhaps we can slow things down and even stop them. The problem though is that anytime information like this is presented, it is laughed off as some crazy conspiracy theory. We always ask ourselves how Nazi Germany could happen, and why didn't anyone stop it? Well perhaps Hitler had everyone brainwashed through propaganda to think any information about what was really going on was a conspiracy theory.

Now let's look at the evidence.

We will start by looking at what the book calls d'Anconia Copper (p. 918,919), a copper company the book calls the "legendary fortune of the centuries". It tells of this company being taken over and Nationalized by the Chilean government and then ceasing to operate and produce any more copper.

It was not hard to connect the dots here to find that Anaconda Copper, once the largest copper company in the world is the company the book is talking about. It was once one of the largest companies period in the world, and had mines in Chile. So was this company nationalized by the Chilean government and then did it suddenly come to it's demise similar to how it happens in the book? YES! First I will show you what the book says about this copper company:

From Atlas Shrugged (pages 918 - 920):

A special session of the legislature of the People's State of Chile had been called for ten o'clock this morning, to pass an act of utmost importance to the people of Chile, Argentina, and other South American People's States. In line with the enlightened policy of Senor Ramirez, the new Head of the Chilean State-who came to power on the moral slogan that man is his brother's keeper-the legislature was to nationalize the Chilean properties of d'Anconia Copper, thus opening the way for the People's State of Argentina to nationalize the rest of the d'Anconia properties the world over. This, however, was known only to a very few of the top-level leaders of both nations. The measure had been kept secret in order to avoid debate and reactionary opposition. The seizure of the multi-billion dollar d'Anconia Copper was to come as a munificent surprise to the country.

Some years after this was done, the company, once one of the largest in the world, stopped producing copper. Let's continue with what the book says:

Ladies and gentlemen, the d'Anconia fortune-the greatest fortune on earth, the legendary fortune of the centuries-has ceased to exist. In place of the golden dawn of a new age, the People's States of Chile and Argentina are left with a pile of rubble and hordes of un-employed on their hands.

So we see that in the book this great copper company, was nationalized by the Chilean government by a newly elected leader, but then came to it's demise and stopped producing copper.

Now I will show you what actually happened in history in 1971 according to a Wikipedia article found here:

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

(For some reason clicking on the above link goes to the wrong page. But if you just copy the link to the browser it works. If you click on it, you will be taken to the main Anaconda Copper page, just click the second link on that page.)

The Wiki article states:

In 1971 Chile's newly elected Socialist president, Salvador Allende, confiscated the Chuquicamata mine from Anaconda. Anaconda lost two-thirds of its copper production. Two years later, a compensation of $250,000,000 was paid to Anaconda by the Chilean government. Losses from the Chilean takeover, however, had seriously weakened the company's financial position. Later in 1971, Anaconda's Mexican copper mine Compañía Minera de Cananea, S.A. was mexicanized by president Luis Echeverría's government. An unwise investment in the unsuccessful Twin Buttes mine in southern Arizona further weakened the company, and in 1977 Anaconda was sold to Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) for $700 mil. Atlantic Richfield was the 7th largest petroleum/chemical company in America, and part of the so-called "7-Sisters" Oil cartels. So it was Rockefellers again… However, the purchase turned out to be a regrettable decision for ARCO. Lack of experience with hard-rock mining, and a sudden drop in the price of copper to sixty-odd cents a pound, the lowest in years, caused ARCO to suspend all operations in Butte. By 1983, six short years after acquiring rights to the "Richest Hill on Earth," the Berkeley Pit was completely idle. Market experts wonder why this acquisition took place at all. Perhaps the investors were looking for huge tax write offs, as Anaconda had a significant loss after Chilean vest (a net loss of $375.3 million). Closing down the mines was not the end of new owner’s problems…

We see from history that the Chilean government, in fact the newly elected president, did nationalize their mines in 1971, 14 years after Atlas Shrugged was written. And then we see the mines go out of operation. Plenty of jobs would of been lost during this process. It is also interesting to note if you read the Wiki article that both the Rothschilds and Rockefellers had a hand in the Anaconda company at one time or another. These two families have been known to play a big part in the illuminati. It was the Rockefeller backed company that bought out the company only to then shut it down. Is this all just a coincidence? I am trying to show that Atlas Shrugged contains hidden blueprints for the New World Order, and here the biggest US illuminati family steps in and follows script!

Now let's look at what the book and history have in common:

- World's largest copper company with mines in Chile (Book and History)
- Newly elected Chilean President (Book and History)
- Copper company is nationalized by Chile (Book and History)
- What was once the world's largest copper company goes out of production (Book and History)

Pretty startling, but only one striking correlation, there's more!

Ok, now how about another event in history, remember this book was written in 1957. From Atlas Shrugged (p. 905) the following is found:

From the sudden space of a broad intersection, she looked at the great skyscrapers in the distance. They were vanishing quietly into a veil of fog, with the faint breath of a glow behind them, with a few lights like a smile of farewell. Once, they had been a promise, and from the midst of the stagnant sloth around her she had looked to them for proof that another kind of men existed. Now she knew that they were tombstones, slender obelisks soaring in memory of the men who had been destroyed for having created them, they were the frozen shape of the silent cry that the reward of achievement was martyrdom.

Somewhere in one of those vanishing towers, she thought, there was Dagny...

In the book, on this same page, the month of SEPTEMBER is mentioned! I don't need to tell anyone that multiple skyscrapers came down on 9/11. In fact as far as I know there was no other time in history that multiple skyscrapers fell like this. But I will ask how many pairs of skyscrapers are there in the world? And great ones that had been considered a promise? This is what it so clearly says in the book. In fact the book even uses the word "towers", in fact "vanishing towers". So here is yet another mention in the book of something that has now happened, and something very significant. Is this all coincidence?

Perhaps your thinking that nothing this evil could exist? Here is another quote from the book that may reveal their philosophy (p. 945):

"It's a great responsibility," said Eugene Lawson, "to hold the decision of life or death over thousands of people and to sacrifice them when necessary, but we must have the courage to do it." His soft lips seemed to twist into a smile.

What is interesting is the guy who initially made the claim about this book, did so in 1999, before 9/11. After looking into his theory and finding many correlations, I then stumbled upon the "vanishing towers" part and started to believe, however crazy it at first sounded. I will add that most of these hidden instructions aren't clear as a bell, like the ones I am pointing out. Here is an example of a message I believe talks about the North American Union, but on its own it is a weak case (p. 948):

"...we ought to think of expanding--the way things are, there's nothing to stop us, it's there for the taking--Mexico, and Canada maybe--it ought to be a cinch."

I will add that it was, and like the European Union, we are becoming or have already become the North American Union. Next they will try and take away the flag. You see these are what are called "CIPHERS", and have double meanings, one in the story and one part of the blueprint. But for the sake of this article I will focus on the ones that are very clear. But there are many others throughout the book, and anyone who is familiar with the illuminati would be able to see them.

Ok, so we have two very significant CLEAR events, but let's add some more!

In the book soybeans are suddenly touted as a super food and being grown in Louisiana. This happens towards the end of the book. Below is a quote from Atlas Shrugged (p. 937) about this:

But thirty million dollars of subsidy money from Washington had been plowed into Project Soybean-an enormous acreage in Louisiana, where a harvest of soybeans was ripening, as advocated and organized by Emma Chalmers, for the purpose of reconditioning the dietary habits of the nation.

The book goes on to talk about soybeans being a replacement for all kinds of foods. If you look at the ingredients for products you buy at the supermarket, you will be amazed how many are made with soy!

Here is a quote from Atlas Shrugged (p. 938) about soybeans replacing many other foods:

"Soybeans make an excellent substitute for bread, meat, cereals and coffee--and if all of us were compelled to adopt soybeans as your staple diet, it would solve the national food crisis and make it possible to feed more people."

So are soybeans doing well these days? Why Yes! First let's look at the subsidies granted by the government for soybeans from 1995 - 2001 ( [link to www.ewg.org]

1995 - $241
1996 - $0
1997 - $0
1998 - $480,126,119 (whoa, what happened here, 0 to 480+ million?)
1999 - $2,490,877,291 (and now over 2 billion!)
2000 - $3,003,939,376
2001 - $4,307,339,757

What happened with soybeans all the sudden? Once again what the book says is happening before our eyes. In the book soybeans become the new grain.

I also found this on the Lousiana Dept. Of Agriculture and Forestry website:

Soybeans will see the most dramatic increase in planted acreage, up 29 percent, if forecasts are realized. This will be the fourth consecutive year soybean acreage has increased. Producers plan to plant 980,000 acres this year, up from 760,000 acres in 2003.

And how about this that will blow your mind, suddenly something has been found in the rice seed by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service ( [link to deltafarmpress.com]

Will Louisiana rice farmers have enough seed to plant their 2007 crop? In a March 9 statement, the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service “confirmed the presence of trace levels of genetic material not yet approved for commercialization in Clearfield 131 (CL 131) rice seed. Based on these test results, further distribution or planting of 2005, 2006, or 2007 registered or certified CL 131 seed is prohibited. This seed is not an option for planting this crop season.

With that, Clearfield 131 — already on USDA-imposed stop-sale status — officially joined Cheniere on the list of varieties banned for 2007. The bans come after tiny amounts of a GM LibertyLink trait were found in both varieties and export markets, particularly the European Union, were damaged. This latest twist in the U.S. rice industry’s struggle to remove GM traits from the supply is “causing a lot of confusion, further confusion,” said Johnny Saichuk, LSU AgCenter rice specialist. “Consider the fact that CL 131 made up 25 percent of our acreage in 2006 and Cheniere made up another 25 percent. We’ve eliminated two varieties that made up half our acreage. Who believes that won’t have an effect?”

Louisiana rice farmers “are scrambling around trying to find enough rice seed to plant. I’m getting calls on reducing seeding rates, about planting seed out of bins. From what I’m hearing, many growers have set things up to cut back on some acreage. They might plant 80 percent of their farms. “The ban is definitely causing problems, though. There’s no question about that.

And then reading further we see:

In northeast Louisiana, some of CL 131 acres may go into soybeans. But in the southern part of the state, many farmers don’t have that option and they’re in a bind.

Soybeans can’t be grown profitably down here,” said Saichuk. “Those in the lower parts of Jefferson Davis, Vermillion, Calcasieu, and Cameron parishes won’t be growing beans — it’s either plant rice or nothing. Or, if some of them still have some cattle, they can turn to livestock.

You see many of these farmers won't have a choice but to plant soybeans even though it is not profitable! Do you see how this works, all the sudden something is found in the seed and farmers can't plant rice. They can now plant soybeans or go out of business or find other avenues to survive. The plan hidden in the pages of Atlas Shrugged continues on.

Now let's move on to what the book calls Directive 10-289 (Atlas Shrugged):

Point One: All workers, wage earners, and employees of any kind whatsoever shall henceforth be attached to their jobs and shall not leave nor be dismissed nor change employment, under penalty of a term in jail…

Point Two: All industrial, commercial, manufacturing, and business establishments of any nature whatsoever shall henceforth remain in operation, and the owners of such establishments shall not quit, nor leave, nor retire, nor close, sell or transfer their business, under penalty of the nationalization of their establishment and of any or all their property.

Point Three: All patents and copyrights, pertaining to any devices, inventions, formulas, processes, and works of any nature whatsoever, shall be turned over to the nation … the Unification Board shall then license the use of such patents and copyrights to all applicants, equally and without discrimination, for the purpose of elimination monopolistic practices, discarding obsolete products and making the best available to the whole nation…

These are just 3 points from the directive in the book, but as you can see this is pretty ugly stuff. But is something like this happening before our eyes? A simple Google search returned a number of instances where writers and bloggers reference laws that resemble 10-289 from Atlas Shrugged! One is currently happening in Mississippi between the state and State Farm Insurance. The Attorney General of Mississippi wants the state to be able to force companies to write new policies ( [link to www.washingtonpost.com]

Hood said his plan is modeled after actions taken by Florida. Florida's legislation primarily deals with preventing policy cancellations and non-renewals, but Hood said a model could be crafted to force companies to write new policies.

But State Farm has had it with legislation in Mississippi and is suspending writing new policies:

State Farm, Mississippi's largest homeowner insurer, said Wednesday it has had enough of the "untenable" legal and political climate in the state and is suspending writing new homeowners and commercial policies. The company said the suspension would begin Friday and continue until the business climate in the state is more palatable.

But, the Attorney General wants the governor to initiate a new Executive Order that would force State Farm to issue new policies! Yes that's right, he wants the government to force a business to operate!

Hood also said he his urging Gov. Haley Barbour to issue an executive order that would force the insurer to continue writing new policies until the Mississippi Legislature can deal with the issue.

Thankfully the governor declined to do so. But the agenda is being pushed and the next time around we may not be so fortunate.

"Having considered my statutory and constitutional emergency powers including the statute you cited in your letter, I have no authority to force a private company to sell its products in the State of Mississippi," Barbour responded in a letter to Hood.

Will we soon have nationalized oil, healthcare, etc.? If Atlas Shrugged is indeed the illuminati blueprint, then we will and it will be a big part of what destroys our country. In fact it will be deliberately done to DESTROY our country in the name of globalization.

Ok, so I've given you some incredible coincidences. At what point do these stop being coincidences and become real? That is for you to decide. But I can tell you that if this theory is correct, then there are some dismal times ahead.

The book goes on to talk about what I see as the Balkinization of America, or the breaking apart of our country. You see for the illuminati to truly rule the world, America needs to be dismantled and split into smaller parts.

Going back to the book we read about a great crisis where people are starving and the nation starts to come apart. We see that California is talking about seceding from the union:

"There's trouble in California," said Wesley Mouch sullenly. "Their state legislature's been acting pretty huffy. There's talk of seceding from the Union."

You see all the problems that are deliberately started in the US economy in Atlas Shrugged, start to tear the country apart. People are being deliberately starved. Transportation is taken over by the government and food is not delivered. At one point the book talks of soybeans being sent instead of grain, but only those that are already rotten and unedible.

The story goes on and the original 13 colonies are all that is left of the country and the world! This could only be after WWWIII.

So there you have my case for this book being the blueprint, or at least part of the blueprint for The New World Order. There are other incredible correlations but for the sake of this article not becoming a book, I will stop here. My hope is that getting this out there will inspire others to decode this and prove with a pile of facts so high what is happening before our eyes.

You see it isn't just this book that contains the plans, for some reason the illuminati precursor their planned events in some type of theatre (and now the movies) before they happen. It all goes back to Francis Bacon who supposedly was told by an Angel to write the plans for the New World Order in the stories, the fables, and the theatre. I do not have time to go into Francis Bacon but there is plenty of information on the web about him if you Google him.

Here is a link to the CIPHER STORY where Bacon explains exactly how the plan is encoded in what are called ciphers. It is quite long but a very important piece to this puzzle:

[link to members.tripod.com]

I can tell you that this game "Shattered Union" could very well be prophetic:

[link to www.2kgames.com]

I know that putting this information out can be dangerous, so if anything should happen to myself or my family, or any of our reputations, everyone will know who was behind it. And it would only validate everything written in this article. I spend my days decoding the algorithms of the world's top search engines, written by some of the smartest people in the world, and being successful. I never thought I would be decoding the plans of the illuminati, but I feel it is my responsibility to do so.

I also want to add that I am not a liberal simply trying to jump on the 9/11 truth bandwagon. I am a conservative, but one who sees both political parties for what they are. At least those at the top, who are mere puppets for the world's elite. I want to add that most local politicians probably have no clue as to what's really going on. You see the illuminati works in such a way that only those at the top have the whole plan. Those at the bottom truly think they are working for World Peace and that all these events that are happening are real and not staged, and not done just to take away our freedoms and eventually impose global taxes on us all.

You see the illuminati is following a script where they see themselves as the Phoenix that will rise from the ashes of WWWIII. They then THINK they will start a New World, but only after billions of people have been killed and most likely you and your family. This is all being done in the name of a New World Order, One World, and World Peace.

If the theory presented in this article is correct, and the illuminati are secretly pulling all the strings, then you can bet they have their PR teams out on the web trying to discredit anyone actually telling the truth. Something that is all but extinct these days. But words like "tin foil hat", "conspiracy theorist", etc. are quickly tagged on anyone who disagrees with anything mainstream. Did I mention the illuminati control the mainstream media? The problem is that noone thinks for themselves these days, we are all dumber than 5th graders, so they tell us, and incapable of making our own decisions. We can only choose red or green or deal or no deal. We are told that we need to let the experts make our decisions for us. But I can assure you that many of the so called EXPERTS aren't half as smart as you are. Don't let anyone do your thinking for you.

Everyone must decide for themselves what the truth is and I ask you to.look into what I've presented for yourself. The truth truly is stranger than fiction, in fact it is in THE FICTION, written between the lines.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 231178
05/03/2007 06:18 AM
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Re: Conspiracy Of The Ages: Illuminati Plans 2007
Soybeans - which religious group has a massive financial stake in lactose-free foodstuffs?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 231178
05/03/2007 06:26 AM
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Re: Conspiracy Of The Ages: Illuminati Plans 2007
Soy: the next asbestos?
amanda swinburn

Leading dieticians have slammed soy manufacturers such as Sanitarium and The Solae Company for failing to warn consumers about the potential dangers of soy products.

Food giants have been accused of pushing their own agendas by funding research on the positive effects of soy products and in some cases publishing it on the web as consumer information.

Sanitarium has released a number of research reports from a body it convened, the International Soy Advisory Board, which included claims that soy foods fight cancer, heart disease and the effects of menopause. The information is published on a website called www.soyfacts.com.au.

Five years ago, the Solae Company’s research contributed to a landmark US Food and Drug Administration decision to approve the claim that “25 grams of soy protein a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease”.

It is not just health food companies who offer soy products—soy is increasingly being used as a cheap additive to bulk up ready-made meat products such as pies, sausages and sliced meat.

Researchers in Melbourne and Adelaide have conducted a survey trying to assess what proportion of the Australian population consumes soy products, who they might be, and what they expect to happen as a result.

One in five people said they consumed soy products, mostly bread. They were more like to be women and were also more likely to eat vegetables, have a low-fat diet, and take mineral or vitamin supplements. They were less likely to be smokers.

Their expectation of soy was that it would decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer, and menopausal symptoms, and give them a greater feeling of being full after a meal.

But recent research claims that soy products, which contain plant oestrogens, may be responsible for causing serious gastric distress, cancer and an enlarged thyroid.

American nutritionist Mary G. Enig, widely known for her research on the nutritional aspects of fats and oils and director of the Nutritional Sciences Division of Enig Associates, Maryland, has compiled a raft of damning evidence against soy, which she calls “the next asbestos”.

“Scientists are in general agreement that grain and legume-based diets high in phytates (toxic chemicals) contribute to widespread mineral deficiencies in third world countries,” she said.

Paediatrician at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Velencia Soutter, said she would not recommend soy milk for children.

“The main problem for consumers is that much of the positive research about soy is funded by food giants with a vested interest. The industry wants their food accepted and they will go out to all the big research institutions and offer a lot of money, then sift out any of the negative information,” she said.

But Sanitarium’s senior dietician, Dr Trish Guy, said the company is happy to promote soy products as healthy and soy infant formulas as a good alternative to breast milk. In fact Sanitarium’s advisory board has gone as far as to recommend that everyone should include two serves of soy food a day to help protect their bones and “ensure a long and active life”.

“We strongly believe that including soy as part of a plant-based diet is beneficial. We have reviewed thousands of research items and we believe soy reduced rates of heart disease and cancer,” Guy said.

There is indeed some evidence that soy milk cuts cholesterol, according to researchers in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The research team put 60 outpatients, aged 20 to 70, on a cholesterol-lowering diet for six weeks. They then added either soy milk or non-fat cow’s milk to the diet for six weeks and found that for those drinking soy milk, ‘bad’ cholesterol levels fell.

Nutritionist Mark Messina, author of The Simple Soybean and Your Health offers a solution for those who wish to include soy in their diets.

Rather than overdosing on soy he recommends a daily serving of soy: perhaps one cup of soy milk or three to four ounces of tofu. “If 20 years from now researchers don’t find any benefits to soy, then you’ve lost nothing,” Messina said. “If they do find some benefits, then you've got a great trade-off.”
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 231689
United States
05/03/2007 10:40 AM
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Re: Conspiracy Of The Ages: Illuminati Plans 2007
I remember reading that Ayn Rand, the author of "Atlas Shrugged" was the lover of a member of the Illumanati. It may have been her way of exposing their plans.
User ID: 536
United States
05/03/2007 11:20 AM
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Re: Conspiracy Of The Ages: Illuminati Plans 2007
Will we soon have nationalized oil, healthcare, etc.? If Atlas Shrugged is indeed the illuminati blueprint, then we will and it will be a big part of what destroys our country. In fact it will be deliberately done to DESTROY our country in the name of globalization.

Yes I believe they think this will destroy our country.. Fact is though ultimately it will destroy them..

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 10867
United States
05/03/2007 11:45 AM
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Re: Conspiracy Of The Ages: Illuminati Plans 2007
shape of things to come hg wells
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 231692
05/03/2007 11:59 AM
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Re: Conspiracy Of The Ages: Illuminati Plans 2007
OP = CIA trying to consume your time and diverting from
[link to who-are-the-illuminati.blogspot.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 231642
United States
05/03/2007 12:02 PM
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Re: Conspiracy Of The Ages: Illuminati Plans 2007
Soy-let Green It will kill us.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 222933
United States
05/03/2007 12:10 PM
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Re: Conspiracy Of The Ages: Illuminati Plans 2007
sure, and 1984 was a blueprint for globalist tyranny and thought control and Orwell was in on the whole deal
User ID: 160240
United States
05/31/2007 06:51 PM
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Re: Conspiracy Of The Ages: Illuminati Plans 2007