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Lake Erie / Cleveland UFO's now on ABC news

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 234981
United States
05/11/2007 02:44 PM
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Lake Erie / Cleveland UFO's now on ABC news
Anchor Man Ted Henry of Cleveland ABC news says he wittnessed a formation of 5 UFO himself here is Cleveland, aired on 05-10-2007 Link to broadcast...

[link to www.newsnet5.com]

Other Recent Lake Erie UFO's video

[link to www.youtube.com]

and a UFO shows up over recent Cleveland Peace Rally, link to story

[link to www.cbsnews.com]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 234981
United States
05/11/2007 02:53 PM
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Re: Lake Erie / Cleveland UFO's now on ABC news
You heard it here at GLP first :-) I am the guy who started the following thread and have been filming UFO's over Lake Erie for Years now, I just went down to the lake with a camera two nights ago and the UFO activity seems to actually be growing, i brought a friend with me as well and it kinda freakened out and now because my footage has got people here in Cleveland talking about it and paying more attention,I bet there will be tons of people capturing these same objects over the lake this summer.

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 234981
United States
05/11/2007 02:58 PM
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Re: Lake Erie / Cleveland UFO's now on ABC news
New Interview With Michael Lee Hill regarding Music & UFO's

[link to blog.myspace.com]

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

..> ..> ..> ..> Interview #6 "UFO over Lake Erie"

Shawn -Well Michael I want to thank you for taking your time to do this interview with me. I am very much looking forward to what you have to say.

MLH - It's my pleasure Shawn, Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

Shawn -Before we begin would you mind telling me a little bit about yourself?

MLH - Well, My name is Michael Lee Hill, I am 39 years old now, I am a musician, I live in a suburb of Cleveland Ohio called Eastlake and life has become pretty interesting here lately.

Shawn -Ok, i will begin by asking you a question that someone sent to me. They do not wish to give out their name so I will just call them John. They ask if you faked the video somehow to promote your music. What do you have to say to John about that Michael?

MLh - Well, I understand that no matter what I say, John seems to have already made up his mind, The fact is I have never faked any of the UFO footage I have filmed over Lake Erie over the last 4 years or so. But John Doesn't have to take my word for it, A UFO investigation group called UFO News stated the following…"We called in Hollywood Visual Effects experts to look at this video and they have determined there has been no apparent tampering with the visual image."

As far as do I hope my UFO footage promotes my Music? First off there are two full versions of tunes available at my web site that are free. I've given more Cd's away than I've sold. With that being said, I have no problem accepting money for what I do, Abundance is just energy. I believe we all deserve to feel like we have a roof over our head and a level of security...Abundance. In our world, that means $$$$, I don't have a problem with money unless it becomes an issue of Ego.

I have been a musician/Played Guitar since I was 8 years old, I have been contacted by ET's for just about as long if not longer. The two are intertwined at every level imaginable.

Do I hope my UFO footage turns people onto my Music? .......YES
Do I hope my MUSIC turns people onto the fact we are not alone?......YES

I must admit that there has been a great interest from people online about your video. I have had many people tell call me a Devil Worshiper for what I have on my myspace page. How do you feel about that?

MLH - I believe the powers that be have done a good job brainwashing the masses into doubt & fear towards anything that goes against what they want you to believe. The US GOV'T, or more correctly The Illuminati (Secret Societies) are fighting first contact tooth & nail because it will be the end of their plan of a One World Government and their Oil based Economy they have set up to keep the masses in a state of Survival mode.

The enlightened beings that are here (the ET's) Know all of this, and they know that if First Contact is spun in a negative fashion, it could throw a lot of people into panic & fear which will not be a pretty sight, So instead of just dropping from the sky, The Et's along with some enlightened humans have begun to reveal to the masses the corruption and dirty deeds of our leaders, so people will understand why massive changes to the system is needed. I believe it won't be long now.

Do you believe in God Michael? You do not have to answer this if you do not want to.

MLH - Yes, I believe in God, But the term God already has so many connotations attached to it, I prefer the term "All That IS".

Ok, So let us start now, when did you film this video?

MLH - This particular clip was filmed on August 18th, 2006, I have been filming UFO's over lake Erie for around 4 years now though and have accumulated hours of footage.

May I ask though, because it was dark outside why did you have a video camera to begin with?

MLH - Around 4 years ago, Me & a friend were in my back yard which is very close to the shores of Lake Erie, Around a couple hundred feet away I would say, we both witnessed a UFO right along the shore line, I didn't get that craft on film but it sparked my curiosity to go down to the lake with a video camera and try and see if I could catch something on film. I have been going down to the lake ever since then, on any chance I get and I always bring my camera and a tripod with me.

Tell me what happened the night you filmed this, what time was it, and what part of Lake Erie was this filmed at? A few people have mailed me asking me to ask you the location of this video.

MLH - That night was one of those nights that was just filled with activity, sometimes there is so much UFO activity going on that I don't even know what to film, That was one of those nights. This was filmed on a beach in Eastlake Ohio right on Lake Erie.

What was going through your mind when you seen these lights in the sky? Do you think they were creatures from another planet, or do you think they were humans with secret aircraft? In the video you did sound really excited when seeing this unfold.

MLH - I always get excited when they show up, these lights were pretty damn close as well and when the 2nd object came into the scene, that flipped me out, that doesn't happen very often. As far as if they are from elsewhere, I don't think these craft are ours, A recent newspaper article actually traced back this Phenomenon and these objects being witnessed over Lake Erie to the 1800's so they can't be anything we have made, here is a link to that story… [link to paranormal.about.com]

If they have been around here for that long, perhaps they are not from elsewhere but perhaps they exist here in a higher dimension right here on planet Earth and occasionally allow themselves to be seen? I don't know.

Shawn - Is this the first time you have ever seen something like this? Has this ever happened to you before?

MLH - As I said, I have been witnessing and filming this phenomenon over lake Erie for years now. Mostly what I see if single house size balls of multi colored light, they almost look like they are made of fire or plasma. Sometimes they are paired up as in this video, Sometimes there are three balls of light in a triangle formation. I have also filmed them entering and leaving the lake!.

Shawn - Do you feel the Alien beings are trying to contact you? If so why do you have these feelings?

MLH - I have been contacted by Et´s my whole life, I guess the question is how I have all this footage. The answer is they are in contact with me Telepathically and nudge me to be at a certain place certain time and sure enough, they show up and I film them.

The actual filming of their craft is a new phase, Up till now, I have been educated, during my "awakening", on the whole mental energy/Beliefs creating reality bed of knowledge, It is cool that this same bed of knowledge is making it to the masses through films such as "The Secret" and "What the bleep do we know", anyhow, I was told by my guides that I was here to spread this "spiritual" bed of information through vibration (Music) and when I learned what I needed to, I would be put into a position where my message would reach the masses. If I only had the courage to step out of my old life, that the doors would open that I needed to open, & I would meet the people I needed to meet to make my own "dreams" become reality, and effortlessly .

I listened to their suggestion and quit my job of 14 years, that was in 2000, to concentrate on my music. Within 4 months I was personally selected out of thousands of entries by Grammy Award Winning guitarist Steve Vai as the winner of the Ibanez/Steve Vai guitar Challenge.

Shawn - Since the video took place, has anything else happened to you like this?

MLH - Yes, It has even grown, here is an example, The day before I was to fly to Las Vegas to meet with David Sereda to sign the contacts for the new movie I am involved with him in (WWW.Fromheretoandromeda.com) me and three other people were in my backyard cooking out and my friend says "what the hell is that?" I turn around and this huge ball of Light/plasma is flying off the lake and very low, If you held up nickel to the sky, that was about how big it was, Anyhow, it flew right over my house and when it got directly overhead, it disappeared!

By the way, these same type of craft have really been making themselves known in this area lately and this fact had begun to make mainstream news. One of these Balls of Light/Plasma recently showed up over a peace Rally in Downtown Cleveland, here is a link to that story… [link to www.cbsnews.com] and another recent story… [link to www.rense.com]

Shawn - Looking at your myspace page Michael I see that you are in a band, I really enjoyed the music. It is not often that I come across someone who has their own music on myspace that I like. Yours though had a new kinda feel to it, almost reminded me of the stars. Tell me about your Music Michael, what is it about? Does it have anything to do with space?

MLH - Thank you for the kind words, As I said, My music, Spirituality, and my interest in beings from higher realms are all very intertwined with me.

Shawn - Do you feel Aliens help you with what you do as far as your music?

MLH - Yes

Shawn - I am sure that you have heard about the UFO over Chicago O'Hare airport. Can you tell me anything about that?

MLH - I believe we have moved into a new phase of Disclosure with the Et's showing themselves openly testing how the Masses and Media respond.

<DIV>Well Michael it has been awesome talking to you man. As you know I really enjoy info on UFO's so this has been very exiting for me to have talked with you about this.

MLH - It has been a pleasure Shawn, these have been some very intelligent questions, I don't really speak often of this side of my beliefs because I know how far from the mass belief system my views are, but it was really nice to share a little of my story with you.

Before we end this, Tell those who might be interested in your music where they can find it.

MLH - WWW.Fromheretoandromeda.com or [link to cdbaby.com] I also have four tunes up at my myspace page you can check out for free.

Shawn - Is there anything else you would like to tell the people reading this about yourself, or anything at all for that matter?

MLH - I believe our physical 3rd dimensional reality can be thought of as a school of sorts, for the soul to learn to use mental energy in a responsible way. Your beliefs (belief = thoughts, feelings, & emotions) create your reality you PERCIEVE. Humans are really only capable of two pure emotions, Love & Fear, and we are able to experience both to whatever level we choose.

Whatever you concentrate on, or focus on, determines the reality you perceive. Therefore, the universe can be literally thought of as your own thought, frozen into physical matter, pure divine energy transformed into physical reality. A universe faithfully and lovingly mirroring back to you whatever your own thoughts and beliefs are about it, regardless of which polarity your current beliefs fall into, Fear or Love.

It would then be of great benefit & value to actually think about what you are thinking about. Learn to change your thought, learn to change your reality. Learn to become aware of what you are thinking. Then always choose the highest thought, anything else just leads back into the illusion. It is the path out of fear & darkness.

We are here to become conscious co-creators with All That Is. Once you change one thought and experience first-hand that your reality does actually change, there is no turning back. And that is a truth nobody can ever take from you. A truth that comes from inside, no books, or religions needed.

Shawn - Thanks man for doing this interview, take care.

MLH - Thank you Shawn, Peace, Love, and Light. Michael Lee Hill

[link to www.myspace.com]