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The solar storms increase heart attacks and epilepsy

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05/13/2007 12:02 AM
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The solar storms increase heart attacks and epilepsy
original: [link to www.cronica.com.mx]

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The solar storms increase to infarcts and attacks of epilepsy

The power particles that the Sun throws after a magnetic storm, as the happened one for four days, have been able to trigger epilepsy attacks and to cause infarcts cardiac, according to publishes the Mexican digital newspaper the Chronicle of Today

Mendoza white, specialist in Planetary Solar Investigations and, has documented that whenever it happens a disturbance of great dimensions in the Sun, increase the infarcts to the myocardium and the crises of epilépticos patients in the country are increased.
"20 years ago they had called crazy to say to us that the events in the Sun can damage our health, but today we investigated to demonstrate that thus it is", it affirmed to Jose Francisco Valdez, head of the Department of Planetary Solar Investigations and.
The investigation on the entailment between solar storms and epilepsy is in march, it said Mendoza White, and it explained that the specialists go to medical centers of the Federal District to successfully obtain information on the crises of the epilépticos patients and in what seasons are increased their crises.
"In the periods of great solar activity we have reports of people who undergo in a greater number attacks of epilepsy, and that, she indicates to us that she must have many more cases".
And it added: "we are trying to establish an alarm that allows to warn the medical centers when a storm in the Sun and the impact is being registered that this one can cause to the health, so that they take precautions".
Mendoza white recommends that in periods of high solar activity, the people - with problems cardiac or epilépticos- they remain in house, where there are iron components (doors and windows) that filters certain harmful waves for the health.
Not yet we know the mechanisms why particles - after a solar explosion they hit the health, commented the investigator, but they suspect that it must to the disturbances of the Earth's magnetic fields caused by the Sun.
"These magnetic fields cause that the solar particles penetrate to the body and if there is some disease, it is become serious", detailed the expert.
The Geophysical National Institute and Institute of Cardiology analyzed the cases of death by infarct happened between 1996 and 1999 - when the solar activity was weak and the number of deaths by that cause rose slightly.
But when she became intense, like the happened one at the end of October of 2003, the number of infarcts in patients of the heart was duplicated, explained White doctor Mendoza.

* Force
The temperature in the surface of the Sun is of 1,8 million Fahrenheit degrees. The solar storms emit to the Earth only one small part of the energy of the Sun, and even so a solar sparkle average, is equivalent to 40 trillions of atomic pumps like those of Hiroshima.

* Intensity
Astronomers of the NASA think that each cycle - of 11 years he surpasses the intensity to the previous one, for that reason, more and more they perfect methods to protect its satellites.

* It safeguard
Scientists affirm that this phenomenon happens unnoticed for 99 percents of the inhabitants of the planet. But if the ozone layer is damaged, the particles penetrate with more facility and can damage the health.

* Auroras
In the poles, mainly in Alaska, the phenomenon produces aurorae boreales. These are formed by particles of high speed coming from the blazes of the Sun, they are pronounced like curtains in the sky of green light and reddish.

Published: Sunday - January 23, 2005 AT 06:05 p.m. EL MUNDO DE LA EPILEPSIA
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United Arab Emirates
05/13/2007 12:45 AM
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Re: The solar storms increase heart attacks and epilepsy
NOO kidding...... r ya sareeyous
you aint kedding .. r ya