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The END of big Pharma and their corrupt lap dogs in CONgress

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 235965
United States
05/13/2007 11:10 PM
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The END of big Pharma and their corrupt lap dogs in CONgress
Thursday, May 10, 2007 by: Mike Adams


Do you find yourself frustrated with the lack of progress in the fight for consumer rights against Big Pharma and the FDA? Take comfort, my friends, in knowing that even though we did not achieve the victory we wanted in this latest legislative effort in the United States, we did stand up and be heard. Hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters of natural health contacted their senators and let their voices be heard. As a result, senators Hatch, Enzi and others are now on the record stating that Senate bill S.1082 will in no way restrict access to nutritional supplements. That's a small but notable victory that would not have happened without the outpouring of support from natural health advocates like you.

What lawmakers now know for certain is that we will stand up and speak out against any threat to our collective health freedoms. We will contest every bill or amendment that favors corporate interests over consumer interests, and we will hit back with a wave of public protest that fills their phone lines, fax machines and emails with mindful comments and concerns from action-oriented citizens who demand real representation.

Our lawmakers now know that members of the health freedom movement will not remain silent when their freedoms are openly threatened. This very fact will make them think twice before introducing future bills that try to regulate dietary supplements, for example, or that limit the choices of consumers. I'm not saying they won't keep trying to outlaw vitamins and expand the powers of Big Pharma and the FDA, but they've at least come to realize that we're going to raise a racket each time they attempt to do so. The health freedom community is getting noticed in Washington.

Why natural medicine is winning
In the big picture, by the way, things are actually trending strongly towards naturopathic medicine. With this latest legislative event here in the United States, Big Pharma may have won a legislative battle, but they're losing the war. Consider the following:

The public opinion towards drug companies is at an all-time low. As the truth continues to come out about the predatory practices by Big Pharma, the public is increasingly disgusted with what they're learning about fraudulent science, deadly drugs, the bribery of doctors, price-fixing schemes and so on.

More consumers are abandoning pharmaceuticals than ever before and turning to natural treatments for diseases and health conditions. The number of ex-medicine users continues to rapidly expand.

The truth about Big Pharma's market monopoly is finally starting to gain traction among mainstream consumers. People are finally starting to get the fact that they're being ripped off by a profit-minded industry charging them the highest prices in the world for medications that are neither safe nor effective. Once this realization hits the masses, the backlash will be unstoppable.

The entire system of organized medicine is only years away from collapsing upon itself due to outrageous costs, fraud, corruption and criminal behavior by its proponents. On a simple economic basis, no state or national government can afford to continue doing business with Big Pharma in the long run. The scam is just about up. When cities, states and countries start to declare bankruptcy due to outrageous health care costs, the winds of change will blow stronger than ever. The clock is ticking against drug-based medicine...

More consumers are choosing naturopathic medicine than ever before. The popularity of modalities such as homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, energy medicine, sound healing, massage therapy and mind-body medicine is at an all-time high... and it continues to rise! People are learning about what works, and they're pursuing natural, non-invasive therapies in increasing numbers.

Consumer demand for organic foods is skyrocketing. The truth about toxic synthetic chemicals in our foods, cosmetics and personal care products is finally starting to go mainstream. There are serious efforts now to promote green lawn care, green automobiles and green living. The trends are strongly in favor of natural, sustainable living!

Why Big Pharma is so desperate
In the context of these powerful trends, Big Pharma is acting out of desperation to protect a medical monopoly that will soon collapse in the United States. Think about this: The very reason Big Pharma has to bribe senators, buy off FDA regulators and pay the media to run its propaganda pieces is because Big Pharma has nothing left of value to offer the world.

There are no more solutions from Big Pharma that stand on their own merit. The whole health care scheme has degraded into propaganda, monopolistic control, discrediting the competition, and brainwashing consumers through television ads. These are not the tactics used by organizations that have legitimate solutions to offer the world; these are the tactics of desperate businesses grasping for one last measure of control before being swept away by a tidal wave of change.

Big Pharma is acting like a trapped, cornered animal, lashing out with its claws and raising the fur on its back to make itself seem more intimidating. But the truth is that to an increasing number of people, the whole system of conventional medicine is virtually irrelevant. We're simply not buying pharmaceuticals or visiting doctors anymore. Through the choice of the way we use our dollars, we can economically starve this whole system of conventional medicine into its own overdue collapse.

Why do you think health insurance won't cover naturopathic therapies? It's because if consumers had a choice, almost everyone would now choose natural therapies instead of drugs and surgery! If consumers were actually given a choice right today, organized medicine would collapse tomorrow. The whole system is only propped up by limiting consumers' choices, keeping them in the dark, and limiting access to natural therapies that actually work.

The hucksters running organized medicine today realize this! They know that consumers are tied to drugs and surgery by a single flimsy thread: Health insurance. If health insurance covered herbal medicine, acupuncture and naturopathy, we would witness a massive stampede away from doctors, drug companies and toxic cancer treatments.

Drug-based medicine is already obsolete
And so the big picture here becomes rather obvious. In the minds of most consumers, organized medicine is already obsolete. The Senate and the FDA remain hopelessly stuck in the past, arrogantly tied to a chemical medicine scheme that was outdated two decades ago. But the consumers who stay informed about these things are way ahead of the game. They know the future of medicine is all about preventing disease, supporting the patient's healing process and nourishing the body with healing nutrients rather than chemically attacking it with synthetic drugs.

The Dark Ages of organized medicine are fast coming to an end. What you're witnessing today with Codex, the FDA, drug companies and legislators around the world is simply the last desperate wave of convulsions from an industry that will soon follow in the footsteps of Big Tobacco to a well-deserved fall from power. Remember: for decades, doctors and the American Medical Association actually promoted tobacco as good for your health. Times change. And changes sweep through society faster now than ever before.

Things are trending in a positive direction on issues like natural health, sustainable living and organics. Sure, we have many skirmish battles to fight along the way, and we can never let our guard down against the corporate opposition, but overall, we are witnessing a time of tremendous change made possible by empowered consumers. And you know what's key to that? The Internet. Without the internet, nobody would know the truth about Big Pharma, the FDA, and the dangers of organized medicine.

So feel good about what you've done so far, and keep yourself in a state of readiness to participate in yet more grassroots action that accelerates changes toward natural health and sustainable living. I believe we will live to see the demise of the FDA as it is currently structured. We will one day drive an electric car that's refueled for free using solar panels on the roof of our home. We will live to see natural cancer cures embraced in North America, and if we live long enough, we will one day see historians describing our present times as a "Dark Age" of medicine that was ultimately overcome by a health freedom movement that refused to let the truth about natural medicine remain censored and suppressed.

The future of medicine will be very different from what has pretended to be health care in recent memory. A revolution in healing is at hand. Take care of your own health with herbs, superfoods and naturopathic medicine and you just might live long enough to witness it first-hand.


About the author: Mike Adams is a natural health researcher and author with a mission to teach personal and planetary health to the public He has authored more than 1,500 articles and dozens of reports, guides and interviews on natural health topics, impacting the lives of millions of readers around the world who are experiencing phenomenal health benefits from reading his articles. Adams is a trusted, independent journalist who receives no money or promotional fees whatsoever to write about other companies' products. In 2007, Adams launched EcoLEDs, a maker of energy efficient LED lights that greatly reduce CO2 emissions.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 236223
05/13/2007 11:19 PM
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Re: The END of big Pharma and their corrupt lap dogs in CONgress
Thank you Mike Adams! Great truths!

User ID: 211656
United States
05/13/2007 11:45 PM
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Re: The END of big Pharma and their corrupt lap dogs in CONgress
..."But the truth is that to an increasing number of people, the whole system of conventional medicine is virtually irrelevant."...

Well, it certainly is to me! I have pretty much opted out of the entire system, and now attempt to treat myself. And, I must say, with considerably more success than with our present medical system.

Due to a number of very painful afflictions, the local clinic prescribed me 105 Mg of Morphine Sulphate a day, plus 15 Mg of Oxycodone. This amount is literally enough to KILL the average person if taken in one day without prior addiction/acclimation!

When I was using so much narcotics, I could hardly move. Now, I cannot begin to function as when younger, but can move and do things - such as shovel dirt - for a couple hours a day, and in general accomplish SOMETHING around the house.

When I was using so much dope, I could do very little, indeed.

In any event, my life is considerably better now that I have become mine own physician.

And, I truly do hope that the above article is correct, and that "Big Pharma" is on its last legs. To my mind, this would be of great benefit not only to Americans, but also to the world in general.

But never forget: money buys everything. It's a long road ahead, but there is hope that we can some day obtain effective, rational, and affordable health care.

May it be so.

User ID: 78573
United States
05/14/2007 07:39 AM
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Re: The END of big Pharma and their corrupt lap dogs in CONgress
It didn't take long for the drug companies to start another campaign to take away our health choices.
Contact your congressmen and let them know senate bill S.762 and house bill H.R. 1249 must be voted down. These bills would make DHEA a controlled substance and only available through the drug companies. This safe natural supplement would jump in price 10 fold.
As we age our levels of DHEA drop dramatically. Those who supplement with DHEA increase muscle mass, memory improves, depression decreases, and heart health is improved.
Those who do not understand the supplement think it is an anabolic steroid. Although DHEA is considered a steroid hormone, it is not an anabolic steroid. This month's issue of Life Extension Magazine has an excellent article giving the facts vs the fictions. www.lef.org.
You can join the foundation which will give you access to inexpensive high quality supplements and an excellent monthly publication to educate the public. www.lifeextension.com for supplement information.
Keep the pressure on, they will try to wear down our resolve. Do not let the drug companies control our lives.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 219592
United States
05/14/2007 08:54 AM
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Re: The END of big Pharma and their corrupt lap dogs in CONgress
Just say no to drugs.

Most of our health problems are due to malnutrition. The quick fix is to take a few supplements. C, natural E, selenium, and B-complex will work wonders. The harder solution is to change your diet to remove the excess toxins and empty calories.

AVOID processed meats and sodium nitrite.