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al-Mahdi, the Islamic Messiah, Was Son of the Daughter Of the King of Rome- Caeser

Zion Protocol
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05/15/2007 09:43 PM
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al-Mahdi, the Islamic Messiah, Was Son of the Daughter Of the King of Rome- Caeser
Name: Muhammad

Title: al-Mahdi, al-Qaim, al-Hujjah, Sahib Al-Zaman, Baqiyutullah

Father's name: Al-Hassan Al-Askari - 11th Imam (pbuhim)

Mother's name: Nargis - Daughter of the king of Rome.

Birth: In Sammara, on Friday the 15th of Shaaban 255 A.H.

Imam Al-Mahdi will unite the East and the West. His father Imam Hassan Al-Askari is from the East. And His mother Nargis, also known as Malika, was from the west. It is narrated she was the daughter of the king of Rome Yashu'a Ibn Qaisar (Caeser).

His mother didn't live close to the Islamic world, but one night she had a dream that the Prophet of Islam came to her and told her to marry one of His children. They told her that she will have a son that will rule the world and fill it with justice.

Following this dream, she woke up with the desire to meet these people whom she later realised were the Muslims being fought. She did what she could and was captured by the Islamic army, her desire all along.

She was later bought as a merchant along with other prisoners, but was amazed at the good treatment she received. She didn't know why this man treated her with such kindness, as if she was his next of kin. She was later introduced to the same man, as Imam Hassan, the light from her dream with whom she lived happily ever after. With their love, the Prince of our time was born.

Imam Al-Mahdi, is still living and will appear before the end of time..

[link to www.shiachat.com]